Meet the faces
behind Accelerace

With a mix of dark Danish humor, Swedish political correctness, Macedonian directness, Slovak energy and occasional Spanish conversations, we love to scout, coach, matchmake and invest in startups

Peter Torstensen
Managing Partner & CEO
+45 39179993

David Today
Partner & Fund Manager
(Alum from 2009)
+45 31332317

Claus Kristensen
Partner & Head of Sales
+45 25458430

Mads Løntoft
Venture Partner
(Alum from 2011)
+45 21425125

Rebecca Guacan
Community & Program Manager

Peter Birk
Head of Business Development
+45 21262430

Christian Waarst
Business Developer
+45 52506582

Frederik Stoltze
Head of Marketing & IT
+45 51895354

Peter Marculans
Venture Partner

Carina Beck
Financial Manager
+45 20267828

Verica Poposka
Senior Associate

Thomas Bengtsson
Digital Lead 

Tim Steinbeck
Venture Scout

Hans Christian Mandøe
Content Creator 
& Marketing Manager


Reinis Znotins
Venture Partner

Christian Lund
Allstar Mentor
(Co-founder of Templafy, Alum from 2013) 

Jacob Knobel
Allstar Mentor
(Founder of Densou, Alum from 2018)

Henrik Printzlau
Allstar Mentor
(Co-founder of Templafy, Alum from 2013) 

Eske Gunge
Allstar Mentor
(Co-founder of Actimo, Alum from 2012)

Mark Højgaard
Allstar Mentor
(Co-founder of Coinify, Alum from 2014)

Yuriy Zaremba
Allstar Mentor
(Founder of Axdraft, Alum from 2018)

André Clement
Allstar Mentor
(Co-founder of Penneo, Alum from 2014)

Stine Kalmer Jørgensen
Allstar Mentor
(Co-founder of Dreamplan, Alum from 2021)

Patrick Lund
Allstar Mentor
(Co-founder of Graduateland, Alum from 2012)