Meet the faces
behind Accelerace

With a mix of dark Danish humor, Swedish political correctness, Macedonian directness, Slovak energy and occasional Spanish conversations, we love to scout, coach, matchmake and invest in startups

Peter Torstensen profile picture.

Peter Torstensen
Managing Partner & CEO
+45 39179993

David Today
Partner & Fund Manager
(Alum from 2009)

Claus Kristensen profile picture

Claus Kristensen
Partner & Head of Sales
+45 25458430

Mads Løntoft
Venture Partner
(Alum from 2011)
+45 21425125

Rebecca Guacan profile picture

Rebecca Guacan
Community Creator & Program Manager

Peter Birk
Head of Business Development
+45 21262430

Christian Waarst
Business Developer
+45 52506582

Frederik Stoltze profile picture

Frederik Stoltze
Head of IT

Peter Marculans profile picture

Peter Marculans
Venture Partner

Carina Beck profile picture

Carina Beck
Financial Manager
+45 20267828

Verica Poposka profile picture

Verica Poposka
Senior Associate

Thomas Bengtsson profile picture

Thomas Bengtsson
Digital Lead 

Hans Christian Mandøe profile picture

Hans Christian Mandøe
Content Creator 
& Marketing Manager

+45 22109782

Victor Haaning, the newest member of Accelerace with his arms crossed, looking at the camera.

Victor Alexander Haaning
UX Designer

Magnus Madsen
Junior Software Developer

Christian Lund
Allstar Mentor
(Co-founder of Templafy, Alum from 2013) 

Jacob Knobel
Allstar Mentor
(Founder of Densou, Alum from 2018)

Henrik Printzlau
Allstar Mentor
(Co-founder of Templafy, Alum from 2013) 

Eske Gunge
Allstar Mentor
(Co-founder of Actimo, Alum from 2012)

Mark Højgaard
Allstar Mentor
(Co-founder of Coinify, Alum from 2014)

Yuriy Zaremba
Allstar Mentor
(Founder of Axdraft, Alum from 2018)

André Clement
Allstar Mentor
(Co-founder of Penneo, Alum from 2014)

Stine Kalmer Jørgensen profile picture

Stine Kalmer Jørgensen
Allstar Mentor
(Co-founder of Dreamplan, Alum from 2021)

Patrick Lund profile picture

Patrick Lund
Allstar Mentor
(Co-founder of Graduateland, Alum from 2012)