Corporate Startup Matchmaking

Collaborating with world-class startups is a powerful tool for your innovation agenda, when done right. We know how to combine your resources with startups’ innovation, talent and speed because we’ve done it before. Now, we’ll do it for you.

New Business Opportunities

Get early insight and access to new technologies, ideas and know-how before your competitors do

Change in Mindset

Learn first-hand from founders' fast-paced, risk-taking and exponential growth mindsets

Strategic Brand Positioning

Protect and strengthen your position as an innovative organization within the startup ecosystem

Why you should trust us

Working together with startups comes with many opportunities and advantages (we can go on forever). But like everything in life, it’s not without risks and challenges. That’s why it’s crucial to understand their innovative power and how to assess it, and that’s where we come in.

A trusted partner

We’ve already helped numerous industry-leading corporations, including Arla, Nordea and Enel, to partner up with top startups. We call the process Corporate Startup Matchmaking, and if you let us, we’ll find your match.

We know startups

We’re the leading startup accelerator and pre-seed investor in the Nordics. We leverage our knowledge from scouting thousands of startups and accelerating more than 800 startups over the last 12+ years.

How it works

Our Corporate Startup Matchmaking program provides an end-to-end solution. We don’t leave you hanging; we’re there from ideation to successful startup partnerships, and the process will be specifically tailored to your corporation and industry.



We help you decide on one or several focus areas



We scout and curate the most relevant startups



We assist you in selecting the most promising startups



We help and the startup(s) set up a pilot project



When the pilot ends, we help you agree on next steps


Scouted startups


Accelerated startups

Don't just take our word for it

This is what other corporations think about our ability to bridge the best of both worlds.

Ready to really start innovating?

We’re on standby to tell you all about the possibilities you and your company can leverage from working with startups.

Claus Kristensen
Head of Sales and Commercialization
+45 25458430

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