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Scale your startup through our Corporate Startup Matchmaking program. It connects the best of both worlds: your speed, tech and talent with corporates’ customers, know-how and network.

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We help you navigate and succeed in the corporate jungle

Startups pride themselves on speed, innovation and risk-taking, but often have difficulty scaling. Without customers to test ideas, products and solutions on, you risk building the wrong product. A partnership with a corporate enables you to scale your market faster, and that’s where we come in to support you.


Fast-track everything

Pilots are an essential stage in your sales pipeline and can (if successfully executed) turn into longer-term partnerships such as license and distribution agreements

The right internal network

We’ve done the heavy lifting on customer development and have activated the right internal networks, including the innovation teams and the relevant business units

Obtain original insights

Get access to online videos where key employees share their challenges and opportunities, which allow you to tailor your pilot proposals and increase the chances of hearing a "hell yes"

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Open opportunities

Deadline 09/12

Co-create with Aarsleff

Aarsleff, one of the world’s leading contracting companies, is looking for promising ConTech startups with a proof of concept on an innovative digital solution for the construction industry

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Deadline 31/12

Partner with Nykøbing F. Hospital (NFS)

NFS is a development-oriented emergency hospital in Region Zealand, open for pilot proposals that can e.g. streamline workflows or prevent accidents

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Deadline 31/12

Get investment from Coop Invest

Coop Invest, one of Denmark's leading consumer goods retailer, is investing in Nordic startups active in retail, food, SaaS, EdTech, and digital health

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A male engineer adjusting settings on a screen for a conveyer belt in a Tetra Pak plant.

Tetra Pak pilot projects for sustainable food ingredients and processes

Tetra Pak are looking for startups that are ready to start the pilot project now. Tetra Pak provides financial cover for the entire project, and outcomes and IPs will stay with the startup.

Frequently asked questions

Let us help answer the most common questions you might have.

How much does it cost for the startup?

Nothing. Nada. No equity taken or hidden application fees.

Do I have to enrol in an accelerator program to be considered?

No, the Corporate Startup Matchmaking program is separate from our accelerator. 

What is Accelerace's role?

Accelerace acts as an intermediary between the corporate and startup. This means that we help to define the challenges corporates are looking to solve, and find innovative solutions and startups that can solve (or enhance) the corporates’ offerings and services.

We’re involved in the first selection of startups, and advise you on the corporates’ needs and how to prepare a superb pitch for the selection day.

After the selection day, Accelerace supports both the corporate and the startup in the exploration talks to ensure a fast-moving process and positive outcomes.

How do you match me with a corporate?

After you submit your application to be matched with a corporate, we create a longlist of the most promising startups and present that to the corporate.

A number of startups from that list will be invited to a selection day to present and answer questions about their suggested pilot/technologies in front of a panel of C-level management team of the corporate.

A selection is made about the next steps i.e. which startups are going to start exploration talks with the corporate for pilots.

The process length varies, but we try to get from application deadline to exploration talks in 1 month.

Why is an accelerator necessary in matching corporates to startups?

Our job is to ensure a match happens from both the corporate and the startup side.

As a startup, it’s sometimes difficult to know what to expect or how the processes work when working with big corporates.

As a corporate, it’s challenging to assess the innovative power of startups, so that’s why we help them with their decision making, planning and executing.

Are you qualified to do this?

Hell yeah.

Accelerace has a long and successful track record in working with corporates from different industries such as energy, foodtech, ICT, sound, cleantech and telecom. In 2020, we matched 300+ startups around the globe with our corporate partners.

Now, we want to help you.