Pre-seed funding
and support from
top founders

Accelerace Allstars is a community of successful founders in the Nordics and Baltics — the ones that made it big like Templafy, Penneo and Coinify, and the ones that will.

We invest 1 000 000 DKK and deliver value beyond money. If you want to get mentored by the Accelerace Allstars mentors (a.k.a. our most successful alumni founders), close a seed round and get access to community activities, we are the pre-seed investor you need.

Support and funding from
founders that have

One major benefit of becoming a portfolio company of Accelerace Invest II is access to the Allstars mentors — the founders of Templafy, Penneo, Actimo, Coinify, Densou, Axdraft, Graduateland and Dreamplan!

The Allstars mentors are Accelerace’s most successful alumni founders. After building companies that got publicly listed, acquired by industry-leading players and raised millions of dollars, they have returned to Accelerace to support the next generation of founders as mentors and investors.

the deal

1 000 000 DKK convertible loans

We invest 1 000 000 DKK before you have customers, revenue or traction, using a standardized convertible loan with a conversion cap. As part of the agreement, startups pay a one-time fee of 250 000 DKK will join the Allstars community and our community activities (see next section).

As the most aggressive early-stage investor in Denmark, we do not have the bandwidth for individual negotiations. Consequently, we provide standardized convertible loans using a standard document. That saves everyone a lot of precious time in negotiation and legal fees, which can be put to better use. The terms are market conforming, meaning they are somewhat similar to offerings by other pre-seed stage investors.

community activities

Value beyond money

Our community activities take place on a regular basis throughout the year. The best part? Once you become part of the Allstars community, you have lifetime access to all community activities.

Scaling veterans as mentors

Access to 1:1 mentoring sessions with the Allstars mentors and Accelerace’s Investment Managers, whose knowledge and advice come from building and scaling their own startups.

7-week investment program

Get ready to fundraise in 7 weeks! Together, we take a 360-degree view of your startup’s fundraising strategy and improve your pitch deck, pitching and storytelling skills, as well as host investor mock meetings.

Investor Day

Get in front of the leading Danish and international institutional investors at our invite-only Investor Day to wrap-up the 7-week investment program. You pitch and we match you with the right investors to close that seed round.

Annual Allstars Community Event

All work and no play? Not on our watch! Once a year, we will invite you to our Allstars Community Event, where we promise you never-ending inspiration, surprises, networking, and knowledge — by and for our founder community.

Founder Talks by Allstars Mentors

Get practical advice from our Allstars mentors and learn about their (bumpy) journey towards product-market fit, how to get talented people to leave high-paying jobs, when to step down as CEO, etc. (the list goes on).

Founders-to-founders sessions

Build relationships with people sitting in the same boat! Get honest feedback on your challenges and how to overcome them from the diverse perspective of your fellow founders in a structured and safe setting.

Our portfolio highlights — your community

Coinify (exited): a financial tech-company that builds payments infrastructure for crypto

2021: got acquired by US-based bitcoin brokerage Voyager for $85 million

Actimo (exited): a mobile-first employee engagement platform for internal communication and training

2020: got acquired by Kahoot!, the global learning platform

Penneo: offers automating workflows related to client onboarding (KYC), signing, and document management

2022: listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen Main Market

Donkey Republic: a global bike-sharing service in 50+ cities designed for locals and visitors

2021: listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market Denmark and raised $18 million via IPO

Doubble: a social dating app where you find double dates with your friends to make it more safe and less awkward

2022: raised follow-on funding from Sequoia Capital Scout Program and a former marketing executive at LinkedIn

Dreamplan: a self-service holistic financial planning platform for retail customers

2022: raised a seed round from high-profile business angels (e.g. Susanne Brønnum)


Answers to the most common questions

Why is there a one-time fee of 250 000 DKK?

Because you get:

  1. Seven-week follow-on investment program. The funding you received from Accelerace will only get you so far. To make it big, you must raise additional capital. And our program will give you the insight, tools, and sparring you need to succeed. It is important to us for you to get a seed round with quality investors in it.
  2. Ongoing and never ending access to Allstars community activities. The Allstar community activities will take place throughout the year. They include:
    • Access to our investor insight database. Our own database of investors and secrets about them.
    • Allstars mentor talks. Live interview and Q&A with Allstar mentors.
    • Mastermind sessions. Peer to peer founder sparring.
    • Portfolio Meetups. Meet the other startups in the portfolio and share learnings and contacts.

How many of your portfolio companies raised seed funding?

Approximately 65% of our portfolio companies in our first fund, Accelerace Invest I, raised follow-on funding.

Do you take a board seat after we raise a seed round?

Very rarely — we are there to support you every step of raising your seed round, but let the seed VCs take the lead afterwards.

Are the terms negotiable?

No. We make a lot of investments, and it would take too much time for us to negotiate individually with each company. On the good side — this is what allow us to make fast investments.

Do we apply to the 7-week investment program separately?

Nope. You are assured a place in the investment program after you receive an investment from Accelerace.  We run two batches per year and you choose the one that fit you the best timing wise.

Is the 7-week investment program online or offline?

Hybrid! Some events will take place online, and some in-person in Copenhagen.

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