Six Accelerace alumni competing in DM in growth

Six Accelerace alumni competing in DM in growth

The cross-regional growth initiative Scale-Up Denmark will Thursday the 1st of November elect the one company with the largest growth potential in Denmark. Out of 11 finalists, 6 are Accelerace alumni. It is time for the annual Scale-Up Denmark Grand Finale. An award show where the chosen startups from the elite training program compete for the title of the most promising growth company in Denmark.

A strong field of Accelerace alumni

Six out of the eleven finalists in the Scale-Up Denmark Grand Finale event are Accelerace alumni. PreCure from Allinge. A company that has developed a system that can prevent disabilities and improving the rehabilitation for patients with a ‘tennis elbow’ by warning when a load becomes too large, too long or too high. MethylDetect from Aalborg, that make cost-effective gene-specific DNA methylation assays based upon MS-HRM technique available for researchers. TastePlease from Copenhagen, a new social dining concept that seeks to revolutionize the way we dine, meet and interact. Meeshkan, also from Copenhagen, that has developed a network where you can train and test Machine Learning models in a massively parallel way on distributed nodes comprised of participating host devices. BioCover from Vejen that is specialized in the sustainable use of organic fertilizers (slurry). Biocover has developed the SyreN system for application of slurry to farmland. MM Technologies from Viby strives to develop products that will make a difference in the IoT industry. They make complex data-logging and interconnection of normally non-compatible systems and sensors possible and easy.

The companies expect a rise in revenue of 8,5 billion DKR

Accelerace is one of the four operators that run the Scale-Up Denmark centers. Since the initiative was launched a little more than 18 months ago, 145 companies have been through the elite training program. The general assessment among the startups is that the program has had a significant positive impact on them, and according to Scale-Up Denmark the companies expect a rise in revenue of 8,5 billion Danish kroner during the coming five years after having participated in the program. Scale-Up Denmark was launched by the five Danish Regions, the Confederation of Danish Industry, the Danish Business Authority, and The Danish Chamber of Commerce. The goal was to create more and larger growth companies in Denmark. Scale-Up Denmark offers potential growth companies to participate in an elite training program which results in a strategy for accelerated growth.

The Scale-Up Denmark Grand Finale sets an important agenda

The initiative has now passed half of its lifetime and so far the results are successful. For every Danish krone that the public sector has put into the program, eight kroner have been attracted from private investors. “Growth, expansion, and innovation in small and medium-sized companies are a crucial part of the companies creating new jobs and have a strong position in the global competition. Scale-Up Denmark’s elite training programs play an important part in leveraging the startups. With the Grand Finale, Scale-Up Denmark sets a very important agenda for the industrial development in Denmark,” says Brian Mikkelsen, CEO at The Danish Chamber of Commerce.]]>