Accelerace CEO listed among Top 100 accelerator leaders

To have made the list, these leaders and their accelerators must have a stellar track record in the following areas: fundraising, 1) Graduate valuation: The equity valuation and venture funding of alumni companies is an important factor when judging accelerators as it allows the entrepreneur to get an accurate picture of a program’s success rate. 2) Learning environment: For first-time entrepreneurs, knowledge is the single biggest currency. The top accelerators should be able to provide startups with the right contacts, knowledge pool and mentorship scheme. 3) Exits: How have accelerators’ companies exited? Acquisitions, mergers, IPOs, shut-downs; an accelerator must be transparent about its track record in order to prove its legitimacy in this space. 4) Startup satisfaction: Qualitative reviews are just as important as the figures. A startup must be able to feel at ease with its mentors and overall experience in order to facilitate trust and implement success. It takes time, patience, responsibility and vision to continually seek out the next tech startup stars and allow them to develop in a sustainable manner. Which is why these 100 leaders deserve recognition. They have the exciting, and critical, task of meeting, encouraging and supporting the companies driving tech’s next leap forward.]]>