Accelerace kicks-off a new program round with 24 trailblazing startups

Accelerace kicks-off a new program round with 24 trailblazing startups .,

After 5,000 screenings and 500 in-depth virtual meetings Accelerace is now ready to present the strongest 24 companies for the just kicked-off round of the 8-month accelerator program. Meet the startups here. Accelerace has just begun working with 24 trailblazing startups as part of the Accelerace program. The startups all are characterized by the ability and high-potential to improve the quality of life and the environment with their promising innovations and disruptive technologies. Among the startups are green tech startup Aqubiq, who has developed a smart water meter that can save each household 15% of water consumption and prevent water damage, Finnish life science and health care startup Peili Vision that provides neurological rehabilitation through virtual reality, foodtech startup Enorm that sells insect snacks as the sustainable protein source of the future, and tech startup Obi+ that provide services for connected cars and fleets. 24 startups, 8-months of business acceleration and 5 accelerator program The startups join one of five accelerators focusing on technology, cleantech, foodtech, life science & biotech and medtech & health care as part of the Scale-up Denmark initiative. The accelerators also take in startups from around the globe incl. New York City, USA, Germany, Sweden and Finland. Each Accelerace program is specially designed to scale ambitious and tenacious startups. Accelerace recently expanded the team to a total of 23 startup experts ready to bring their well-rounded experiences from venture capital firms, larger corporations, academia and as serial-entrepreneurs in play – all with a passion for innovation and creating startup winners. Each startup will have a tailored program laid out to them and Accelerace expect that about 60% of the companies will raise capital during or immediately after graduating the program. Meet the Accelerace team here: Read more about national Scale-up Denmark initiative here Get a quick rundown of the startups below or check them out on ACCELERACE CLEANTECH Waturu (Denmark) The most energy efficient and water-saving water heater that instantly gives you warm water and counteracts bacteria. Aqubiq (Denmark) Aqubiq is a green tech startup with a mission to deliver innovative solutions within water metering that changes how water is consumed around the world. Flow-loop (Denmark) Flow-loop provide smart showering solutions for any bathroom. Coolar (Germany) The Coolar system uses warm water that is easy to generate through solar energy and easy to store in a water tank. LO3 Energy (New York, US) LO3 Energy is a technology and business development consulting firm with a focus on emerging decentralized business models and innovative technologies related to energy, cleantech and currency systems. ACCELERACE FOODTECH RETAP (Denmark) Retap is a specially designed bottle for drinking tap water. PlantJammer (Denmark) Discover surprising food pairings to jazz up your cooking. FeelGoodCompany (Denmark) RATION is a completely natural, simple and nutritious food bar. TruuGum (Denmark) TruuGum is an innovative chewing gum is 100% sugar-free and based on natural and sustainable ingredients. YouSenseIT (Denmark) YouSenseIT are specialists in creating shopping experiences in physical sales channels. FaunaPhotonics (Denmark) FaunaPhotonics monitor insects to ensure sustainable crop utilization and to improve tools for disease control and biodiversity for the benefit of mankind Enorm (Denmark) Enorm believes that insects are the sustainable protein source of the future and sells insect snacks produced in Denmark. ACCELERACE TECHNOLOGY Obiplus (Denmark) OBI+ provide innovative services for connected vehicles and fleets. Augmento (Denmark) Augmento provides innovators with intelligence about emerging technologies and changing consumer needs. Chabber (Denmark) Chabs is an online job market that connects companies with freelancers in the hotel, event and catering industry Botsupply (Denmark) Botsupply is a team of bot creatives and AI scientists with one common goal: Blowing business objectives out of the water with bots and cognitive solutions. Swabkids (Denmark) Swabkids is an app that makes life simple for modern families. Sensative (Sweden) Sensative develops practical IoT products and platforms for everyday use. ACCELERACE LIFE SCIENCES & BIOTECH / MEDTECH & HEALTH CARE Saninudge (Denmark) Saninudge connects hand hygiene to the cloud in hospitals. Saninudge’s sensor network collects real-time data on compliance, improving staff habits over time with increased accountability. (Denmark) provide innovative laboratory equipment that enables both speed-up and cost reduction in biosustainable research. AlcoWhey (Denmark) AlcoWhey has developed a new technology for conversion of the residual lactose in side streams from the dairy industries. Mosspiration Biotech (Denmark) Mosspiration Biotech uses moss as a green cell factory to produce small natural products. GDV Technology (Denmark) GDV technology has developed a sore protective bed for the health care sector that automates pressure relief and streamlines manual transfers of patients. Peili Vision (Finland) Peili Vision provides neurological rehabilitation in virtual reality Read more about the current batch here Read more about Scale-up Denmark here:    ]]>