Accelerace launches Future of Work accelerator in collaboration with Symbion

Accelerace launches Future of Work accelerator in collaboration with Symbion

A new accelerator program will help grow the companies that will disrupt the way we think about work traditionally. The Future of Work accelerator is the newest vertical in Accelerace and is created in collaboration with Symbion which gives the startups access to test in different co-working spaces.  How we work is changing dramatically. We – both as individuals and as businesses – require freedom and flexibility. We need to be able to work anywhere and anytime as the world becomes increasingly globalized. These trends have giving rise to the concept of co-working, digital nomadism and The Future of Work where individuals, startups, SMBs, and even corporations embrace a new, flexible, and social way of working together. With combined forces, Symbion and Accelerace have created a Future of Work accelerator program where startups within the space get access to tailored mentoring, test facilities and an outstanding international network. The first four startups have already been selected and will meet on the 29th of April when the new program kicks off in Copenhagen.

The Future of Work startups are:


ByLife is bringing nature indoors with their Smart Living Walls. Studies show that by surrounding yourself with plants can improve your well-being. At the same time, you become more creative as well as productive. Nature is key for us to be our best. What drives ByLife is the question of how will your organization evolve when your personnel is at their very best?


Octo is an application that brings the right sensor together with all the right algorithms to make smart buildings a reality. A tenant spends around €200 – €300 per m2 a year on rent. For 1 – 3% of that price, Octo monitors if the square meters are actually used, healthy, and safe.


Talee is an employee network from Germany. To keep up with competition and to stay innovative, companies have to think like an ecosystem. Talee is a software solution without any technical hassle for small and medium sized businesses to create an innovative culture where people bring all their skills and motivation into the company to create that new ecosystem.


Manpremo helps leaders in transforming organizations by promoting ways of working that optimize how employers and employees work, rest, and play for mental health and performance.

Are you interested in being part of our next batch?

All startups within the space of Future of Work can apply. In this program, we are especially looking for startups working with Big Data, IOT, ML/AI, and similar technologies to help co-working and real estate operators to: Design and operate co-working spaces in the most efficient and profitable manner to maximize both productivity and utilization, to deliver value-adding services to members of the community, create a strong ecosystem around the members and partners, and determine the optimal locations for new spaces.]]>