From all around the world: Meet our 8 new soundtech startups

From all around the world: Meet our 8 new soundtech startups .,

Eight highly competent and promising startups have been selected for our newest round of the soundtech accelerator program in Sound Hub Denmark and today is their first day of kickoff camp! First and foremost we welcome them all to our startup family. We are excited to finally meet our startups and introduce them to our valuable theories and to tailor our program to their needs. What is interesting about this batch is that none of the startups are from Denmark. Intrigued by our ambitious sound accelerator program, both KubeSound and Vigo Technologies have come all the way from the United States to join us at Sound Hub Denmark in Struer aka the City of Sound. Also, Australian Audiplay has set out from the other side of the world to join us.  But, whether from near or far, we are looking forward to helping all of our startups on their way and showing them why the Nordic ecosystem is thriving. Today all our startups will get to meet each other, partners and mentors and be introduced to the program and lean canvas.

The 8 startups to look out for are:

Addicted to Music (Poland) is behind Bettermaker. Bettermaker is a series of high-end audio analogue equalizers and signal processors with digital recall and plugin support. The analogue processor as EQ or Compressor is connected via USB to the DAW, whereafter you can open a plugin in your host that will recall and automate the analogue processor. Big Special Pty (Australia) has created an action-based audio app called Audioplay. Audioplay is an entirely new entertainment platform that offers an engaging screen-free alternative to kids’ play. Audioplay is designed for smartphones and offers multiplayer experiences. To play, kids put on their headphones, step into the story and become the characters, physically playing out the action. Custom Art (Poland) has developed FIBAE™. FIBAE™stands for Flat Impedance Balanced Armature Earphone. FIBAE™delivers flat impedance and phase via a series of specially designed balanced armatures to negate the problem of output impedance dependency. Each earpiece (left or right) can be customized in terms of shell, nozzle, and faceplate. You can also put your own artwork and text onto your creation. IDORU (Germany) offers a reliable, yet simple and compact multi-channel audio and midi backing track player that removes the need for live musicians to use a laptop. The self-contained backing track player lets you avoid cable spaghetti and takes the stress out of gigs, making the tour life worry-free. KubeSound (United States) wants you to hear music the way it was intended. That is why the startup has created KUBE – a portable, wireless and high-quality speaker that delivers 360 degrees of incredible sound, even in large spaces. KUBE also includes built-in storage space, large enough for several bottles of wine or any gear you want to be protected from sun, rain, sand, or snow. TYXIT (Switzerland) has developed its own radio technology that enables 12 audio streams from different sources up to 30 meters apart. Moreover, they have created an audio codec with high quality and ultra-low latency. With this, they offer a portable all-in-one personal mixer, wireless transceiver, recorder and effects processor perfect for musicians looking for affordable, easy-to-use, wireless equipment. Vigo Technologies (United States) has developed Vue – the world’s first pair of smart glasses that are designed for everyday use. Vue functions as regular glasses, meaning you will able to order the lenses you depend on, whether they are prescription, non-corrective (plano), or sunglasses, but the technology is integrated in the frame and offers features like making calls, listening to audio, activity tracking, voice assistants, touch control, and “find my glasses” with a phone. Loop (Belgium) has launched high fidelity earplugs designed to reduce volume without sacrificing sound clarity. By combining an acoustic channel and filter for natural sound, Loop lets wearers avoid hearing loss by protecting their ears while letting them enjoy clear music and speech. Loop earplugs have a unique shape that looks both elegant and awesome, and they come in five hot colors.