Beyond Beta Cohort 3: Meet the Selected Startups

Beyond Beta Cohort 3: Meet the Selected Startups

After screening hundreds of startups, 36 teams with the potential to build the great companies of tomorrow have been selected to participate in the third cohort of the Beyond Beta accelerator program. Beyond Beta is Denmark’s top-tier accelerator program for promising startups with growth ambitions, operated by Accelerace, the Danish Business Hubs, and the Danish Design Center.

38 selected startups for Cohort 3

In this cohort, you will find a wide range of startups active in e-commerce, EdTech, FoodTech, HealthTech, LegalTech, Manufacturing, PropTech, Sustainability, and Tech. Without further ado, meet the startups that will spend the next months gearing up all aspects of their businesses for rapid scaling:

Insightfactory: a visual trend discovery and fulfillment software for online shops

Safeetrade: a mediation and escrow service between private used goods sales online

Classerium: a B2B learning management platform that offers a solution for companies demanding an effective information delivery to engage their customers and employees

TurnIvy: an app that gives access to student-curated content that explains the essentials of university courses an audio platform for internal communication, culture development, and knowledge sharing in businesses

Podup: unites podcasters, advertisers, and listeners in one user-friendly platform to help podcasters make money and grow

Makerpeer: a peer-to-peer audio and video live-streaming learning app for entrepreneurs

Strillo: subscription-based audio service curating articles from the worlds biggest media

Excelerate: a two-sided platform where companies can recruit future graduates via thesis collaboration

SelfBack: an evidence-based and AI-driven digital therapeutics solution for low back pain

Femilog: an app that helps women understand their physical, mental, and emotional changes during menopause

DeafTawk: a digital platform that bridges the communication gap between 466 million deaf people and their communities by providing a real-time sign language solution at the user’s fingertips

MEWALII: creates sanitary pads with 0% plastic, cotton, or hazardous chemicals to make periods sustainable and easy for menstruators of all ages and sizes

MyEpi: a smartwatch app that can detect epileptic seizures

SmallClaims: a platform and AI-driven attorney that digitize the process for small claim lawsuits

Benchmarked: a platform that helps startups build credibility by validating their performance and traction

SupplyBase: an online platform that streamlines activities related to outsourcing of part manufacturing

Hydrosafe: develops a product that eliminates the root cause of dust entering the hydraulic connection between the tractor and the agritools

NorFalk: a new production technology that reduces harmful substances in textile dyes

Hydrovertic: a vertical farming system made for horticulture buildings

WeBrick: a real estate platform that provides private users of peer-to-peer buying and selling of their homes

Picadon: a purpose-built investment platform that turns rental deposits sustainable

Flawkit: a cloud platform with agile cybersecurity solutions for security maintenance

Roomkast: a platform designed for renting apartments and finding roommates

PeddiGo: a marketplace connecting pet owners and pet sitters

FLEXeCHARGE ApS: offers a load management SaaS platform that gives EV drivers a better charging experience by charging faster, greener, and cheaper

CO2HERO: a one-stop platform to drive carbon-friendly actions

Go Impact: an online platform that connects NGOs, companies, municipalities, educational institutions, and individuals around the SDGs

FuelVision: reduce emissions from commercial aviation

Secondtots APS: offers a platform where second-hand shops can sell clothes online

reWear it: a clothing rental and sharing app

Fizzit: makes it easy for users of sodamachines and other FMCG goods to refill and reuse CO2

Plasvika: offers a household shredder that can grind the plastic waste into small re-usable parts

Hangpod: builds hydroponic systems that can be integrated at solar farms

Doprax: a cloud provider that makes deployment of complex websites simple

BeHop: helps HR departments determine fair salaries for global teams in a matter of seconds

About Accelerace:

Since 2008, Accelerace has supported 800+ Danish and international startups, including Trustpilot and Templafy, through our accelerator programs, made 70+ pre-seed investments and matched startups with industry-leading companies such as Tetra PakArla, and Elia. Accelerace is also responsible for the management of NOME (Nordic Mentor Network for Entrepreneurship), an elite mentoring program for Nordic life science startups.

About Beyond Beta:

Beyond Beta is Denmark’s top-tier accelerator program for promising startups with a demonstrated growth ambition, operated by Accelerace, the Danish Business Hubs (under the lead of Copenhagen Business Hub – Erhvervshus Hovedstaden), and Danish Design Center, who have combined their experience of working with 1000+ startups to launch this next evolutionary step of European accelerators.

The platform-based approach means that startups can kick-start their journey today by joining the 100% free, online pre-accelerator, which can be used as an on-demand toolbox to build for scale or as a first step into the core accelerator program.