The future of sound is found in the heart of Denmark

The future of sound is found in the heart of Denmark

The most ambitious audio hub in Denmark is getting ready to accept startups into its accelerator program that will propel sound startups into stardom. And the facilities speak for themselves; in the more than 3100 m2 space, startups will get access to unique facilities such as a robustness lab, listening rooms, and the Cube. A new tune is vibrating from the heart of Denmark. Here in Struer, the city known as the City of Sound, the country’s most ambitious sound tech accelerator soon will open its doors to national and international audio and music startups. And the startups are in for a treat. Sound Hub Denmark, which the accelerator has been called, is a three-pronged concept consisting of a co-working space, a knowledge space, and a maker space. In the hub, the startups will get access to test facilities and devices rarely found in Denmark – or in Northern Europe.

A cube with a knack for finetuning

One of these is the speaker measurement cube, or just the Cube, one of the largest privately owned acoustic measuring facilities in the world. It is a valuable tool in speaker design, making the process faster and better. Measurements early in the design process are used to fast selection of drivers and prototyping of crossover and signal to process for real listening tests. In the later stages, measurements are used for finetuning the solution. The core of the Cube is the 12 x 12 x 13-meter cube, which allows the pure signal from the speaker without any reflections to be gated and recorded for 25 ms. The loudspeaker is placed on a computer controlled, a movable platform, that moves it to the chosen distance from the microphone. The platform can be turned 360 degrees. This allows measurements of the sound field from the loudspeaker in every possible angle at the chosen distance. With an impulse or a frequency sweep signal feed to the speaker, the recorded signal can be analyzed and calculated for all speaker parameters s.a. amplitude and phase response down to 40 Hz, sound pressure levels, sensitivity, impedance, rub & buzz, THD, power response, and radiation contours. With these data, you can design faster and better.

A new year, a new beginning

Sound Hub Denmark expects to embark on the first accelerator program at the beginning of 2019 where Accelerace, responsible for running the 6-month program, will have selected ten startups for the course. “Startups can’t rely solely on money to succeed in reaching their goals. They also need an array of resources like access to knowledge and test facilities, which is especially important to startups working with physical products. With the new Sound Hub Denmark we are gathering all these resources in one place, where the whole package is made available to startups in our accelerator,” says Thomas Wiborg Steen, Business Accelerator and Investment Manager, Accelerace.]]>