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Answer the 12 questions below and instantly see how likely your startup is to get an investment offer from Accelerace. The test should take less than 15 minutes and we only ask for your contact information so we can explore an actual investment.

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  • The team is defined as the founding team, which means team members with significant upside in the company. Typically, that includes founders and founding employees. Agencies, freelancers, and interns are not founding team members.
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How does the test work?

This free tool from Accelerace gives you instant feedback on the likelihood of getting investment from our investment fund Accelerace Invest II. How can we do this? Simple. If you answer the 12 questions below, you will have answered most of the questions we would ask you during a meeting with one of our investment managers. If you get a low score, then try to play around with some of the answers. This should give you ideas on how to become more investable. If you still have some work to do, consider signing up to our free platform full of courses and tools. The tool is built specifically to estimate your fit to our own fund. But even though our fund is not relevant for you, the tool can be still useful because other investors will have similar filters. Have fun😊