Soundtech: More than your typical accelerator

Soundtech: More than your typical accelerator

The first batch of the all-new Soundtech accelerator has reached halftime and recently gathered for another camp in Struer at the Sound Hub Denmark. MuuseLabs share their experiences and outcomes. They highly recommend applying for the coming round (extended deadline 10 February 2019). MuuseLabs is a Belgian startup. They are behind Jooki – the connected music player for kids activated by toys. Jooki is meant to bring autonomy to the kids’ world and peace of mind to the parents. It does so with a high-quality player that plays music and stories selected by the parents both offline and online. The startup’s mission is to offer solutions for parents who embrace today’s technology but wish to raise their kids in a safe and meaningful environment. Muuselabs, Jooki, Soundtech, Soundhub Denmark Accelerace met the team last week at the Soundtech camp in Struer. We wanted to know what they, so far, have learned in the acceleration program.

The Soundtech accelerator helps increase technical excellence

First of all, the team around Founder & CEO Theodore Marescaux needs technological insights from external partners and industry experts. Part of the Soundtech accelerator is the mentoring program which connects the startups with dedicated technical mentors and enables valuable sparring. Besides the knowledge exchange, the program provides unique and free testing facilities at the Sound Hub Denmark including a robustness lab, listening rooms, UI testing, and accredited safety labs. MuuseLabs was surprised by the technical infrastructure and expertise available: “Together with the experts, we worked on our player’s acoustics, and we got much advice on how to lower down the production costs. We also kick-started the design for another device in just a few days by leveraging the experts pulled in specifically for us” says Theodore Marescaux.

Developing your business and investments

Our proven Accelerace philosophy couples the technical mentoring with extensive business guidance including finding the right Value Proposition, Sales & Pricing, and Investments. Serial entrepreneurs and Venture Capitalists are keen sparring partners and have helped MuuseLabs in, for example, refining the roadmap. On top, the sparring partners also introduce the startups to investor networks and corporate partners who are already collaborating with Accelerace. Thanks to the Soundtech accelerator, MuuseLabs say that they are much closer to their goal of having gained a significant and stable place in the market of music for kids by 2020. And by contributing to establishing an ecosystem of devices, MuuseLabs allow kids and parents to create a better life for themselves. Apply your startup now to the equity-free 6-month acceleration here or find more information here.  ]]>