Meet our next participant in the 13th round of Accelerace: Washa. Just 1 year ago Karim started Washa with his two friends Max (25) and Jannick (23). Their idea was to start an online laundry and dry-cleaning service that picks up your clothes and drop them off clean at your address within 48 hours. Meet the passionate startup guys here! Company name: Washa Elevator Pitch: Washa is an online laundry and dry-cleaning service that picks up your clothes and drop them off clean at your address within 48 hours. The service is aimed for people who doesn’t have time to do their laundry or doesn’t have any laundry facilities nearby, or simply doesn’t want to do their own laundry. Washa is a new and revolutionary way of doing your laundry and our highest priority is to provide the best service while giving you more spare time and a life without dirty clothes. Product/Service description: Visit our website to order a laundry hero to pick up your clothes. Our laundry hero will pick up your clothes at the exact time and place you wish. After our laundry hero has picked up your clothes, he brings them to our modern and swan labeled laundry facilities where the magic happens. Within 48 hours, our laundry hero will drop off your clothes clean and fragrant at your doorstep. How it works:

  1. Place an order at our website
  2. Prepare your dirty clothes for our laundry-hero
  3. Our laundry-hero brings your clothes to our laundry facilities
  4. Within 48 hours from pick-up, the laundry-hero will drop off your clothes clean at your address
Why did you apply for the Accelerace program? Mainly because we needed some professional guidance and expertise to scale, and then we saw Accelerace as an option to get some capital increase. How did your company start, and how did you get the idea? We were all tired of spending way too much time in the laundry room, and started wondering if there was a service that did your laundry and dry-cleaning. We checked the market but didn’t find anything that did what we needed help for and so we took action! Other big news about your company? We are nominated for two prizes, Nordic Startup Awards and E-Handelsprisen, which will be awarded respectively the 20’th and 21’st of May. Fun fact / information about your company: After we went online in February 2014 we started doing the laundry in Jannick’s apartment before we had a cooperation with a laundry and dry-cleaning shop. The first drycleaners we talked to didn’t have faith in our project and said that we didn’t have a case, but as orders kept coming in they had to change their minds J Founder(s): Karim Ben M’Barek Max B. Stripp Jannick Christensen Employees: 4 Headquarters: Kirstinehøj 3, 2770 Kastrup Year Founded: 2014 Website: Facebook: Link LinkedIn: Link ]]>