Bikekey help insurance companies combat insurance fraud, with a national bike registry.

Active Currently Seed Copenhagen, Denmark SaaS

In Denmark alone, more than 30 % of all theft is bicycle theft, and every year more than 100.000 bicycles are scrapped by municipalities, because the owner can’t be identified.

Bikekey are looking to combat the huge problem with bicycle theft, by creating a bicycle registry verified by your personal ID. It means that if the bike is found, the owner can be quickly and easily identified, and that a transaction of a used bike will happen with an actual owner swap, tied to that person’s ID.

Bikekey work to deter theft and to bring home bicycles that have been lost, to cut down on the manufacturing of bicycles, for a more sustainable society.

Last updated June 6, 2024

Founding team



Established: 2021

Investment: 2023

Money raised: €250.000

Soft funding: €150.000

Our investment thesis

Electric bikes are getting more and more prevalent, and in general bikes are getting more expensive. But there are huge problems with bike theft, especially of very expensive e-bikes. Additionally, insurance companies pay out a lot of money to bike thefts, with a lot of potential for fraud. But currently, there is no real owner registry for bikes, as there is for cars. With e-bikes and insurance fraud, such a registry starts to make a lot of sense, and that is exactly what Bikekey is. Bikekey is an ownership registry for bikes.