Gives better access to hands on practical science teachings of environmental effects to students.

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Tinyfarms are working to encourage more STEM students, to combat the lack of STEM labour in the future.

With a combination of hardware and software, Tinyfarms allow students and teachers to discover and test science, through hands on learning and a universe of online lessons.

Tinyfarms offer courses on subjects such as biology, Sustainable Development Goals, nutrition and technology, with experiments that can be performed with the Tinyfarm programmable box. Using programming, students can control temperature, water levels, nutrition, light wavelenghts and CO2 levels in the Tinyfarm, to see the effects on plant life.


Last updated June 20, 2024

Founding team


Samy Tessier, CEO

Samy is a DTU alum, who have been an analyst at Saxo Bank, before teaming up with Andreas to create TinyFarms.


Andreas Væring, CTO

Andreas is equally a DTU alum, where they met each other, and has worked as hardware developer at several institutions.



Established: 2021

Investment: 2024

Money raised: €590.000

Soft funding: €213.000

Our investment thesis

New educational goals are sweeping through European schools. The trend is practical learning implemented through maker spaces, but the teachers and school leaders struggle to find easy ways to satisfy these educational goals.
Tinyfarms offers schools modular science stations with a teacher zone with a growing library of fun and engaging courses. The teacher can find a course and equip the classroom with a science station, and they will be offering the exact kind of education that policy makers, along with parents and children expect from a modern school educating our next generation of science savvy pupils.