Teleskin wins Next Step Challenge and Europe’s biggest entrepreneur prize

Eight start-ups reached the final of the Accelerace partner project The Next Step Challenge competition with their own unique business idea. The winner was the Serbian company Teleskin who was presented with the biggest entrepreneur prize in Europe of 250,000 euro by HRH Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark. Teleskin combines digital technology and medical knowledge in an innovative way. Their digital solution allows users to take photos of their moles and skin lesions which are sent to evaluation by a physician through the Teleskin app and digital platform. The user gets an answer within 24 hours as to whether the moles or skin lesions are benign or not. Prior to the Next Step Challenge award show the eight entrepreneurs completed a 5-month entrepreneurship course in Esbjerg in Denmark. Along the way, the companies developed their ideas and products. Originally 130 entrepreneurial companies applied to participate in the competition. During the process the 130 companies was narrowed down to the eight start-up companies that participated in the final. Next Step Challenge is based on collaboration between SE, the business accelerator Accelerace and The Region of Southern Denmark. The eight aspiring companies are from all around the globe: USA, Serbia, Denmark and Chile. The companies were all judged on a variety of criteria: Their business opportunities, team skills, the company’s performance over the last 5 months, growth potential and how effectively they will use the prize money. A new business concept that solves a major problem in the global market Teleskin was awarded the Next Step Challenge grand prize of 250,000 euro. Teleskin’s mission of saving lives through their innovative e-health solution stood out. Also, Teleskin worked extremely dedicated and focused in cooperation with the Danish experts. Their product combines digital technology with medical know-how, and they solve a major problem in the global market. Last but not least, Teleskin’s team is characterized by a high professional standard which includes doctors and medical experts and they also have strong expertise within their field. This was highlighted as strong base to build on to achieve future success. The prize of 250,000 euro will help the company going forward towards further growth and new developments. About Next Step Challenge Next Step Challenge is Europe’s most ambitious entrepreneurship program, which has now reached the finish line of the first generation of the competition. Next Step Challenge is based on the cooperation between SE, the business accelerator Accelerace and The Region of Southern Denmark. Over the past five months the 8 companies have worked hard to develop their unique business ideas in smart energy and digitization, with the sole aim to sharpen their business model towards their respective markets. The companies cover a wide spectra where intelligent energy solutions, an online homework app, activity apps, telemedicine, etc. are among the participants’ ideas. Read more at Facts: • During the process, the participating companies has been housed in the Next Step City in Esbjerg in Denmark. • The winning company received a prize of 250,000 euro. • All business ideas have been based in digitization, intelligent energy and telemedicine. • Next Step City is located in Esbjerg in Denmark, where participants can take advantage of the region’s fast fiber network, and South Jutland is one of the regions in Europe with the largest coverage of fiber broadband. • In Esbjerg competing companies had the opportunity to test their technology, customers, etc. one of the world’s most advanced digital infrastructures and had assigned mentors from the business community in Denmark and international experts, and the possibility working intensively with a personal coach. The participating companies: E- Health: Teleskin (Serbia) Smart Energy: Aquicore (USA) and Innogie (Denmark) Digitalization: Kappo (Chile), Glamping Hub (USA), Onomondo (Denmark), Lendino (Denmark), Tutee (Denmark).]]>