Accelerace alumnus raises millions to put seaweed back on the menu

Accelerace alumnus raises millions to put seaweed back on the menu

The Danish start-up Nordisk Tang has received a million dollar investment to become a part of the future of underwater farming. The Danish startup has access to a special fermentation process that makes vitamins such as K, and B12, and the healthy omega fatty acids much more obtainable to the body, while at the same time eliminating the allergens causing allergy to shellfish. The Norwegian company Arctic Seaweed has invested millions in the Danish startup, Nordisk Tang. Nordisk Tang, an Accelerace alumnus who specializes in seaweed, wants to bring seaweed back on the dining table as one of the most sustainable ingredients out there. And with the vast coastline of Denmark, they see a huge unused business potential.

Technology unleashes the power of seaweed

It isn’t just the raw ingredients that the new investor is interested in. To a great extent, it is also the knowledge and technology that lies in the fermentation process Nordisk Tang has access to. “We see a huge potential in seaweed as an ingredient in other foodstuffs. Through a special fermentation process, the seaweed becomes very interesting regarding reducing sodium levels in food, as a binding agent, and to bring forth the umami flavour. With the fermentation we can make many of the bioactive compounds in the seaweed much more obtainable to the body,” says CEO Kristian S. Ottesen. The compounds can be, for example, vitamin K and B12, which help the blood clot, prevent osteoporosis, and help mitosis, and the healthy fatty acids omega 3, 6, and 9. Further, the fermentation process can also break down the allergens causing allergy to shellfish. “It is a perfect fit between the two companies – the collaboration around the extended value stream give both Arctic Seaweed AS and Nordisk Tang enourmous benefits. We must presume that in the very near future the competition on the market will increase, also from some of the bigger fishing companies, and with our partnership, we will be in a strong position with access to all processes,” says Kristian S. Ottesen.

An opportunity the Norwegians couldn’t refuse

About the collaboration Managing Director in Arctic Seaweed, Kim Kristensen, says: “We have convergent ambitions which form the basis of an array of strong synergies, and that we can easily and efficiently capitalize on. It was very natural for us to seize the opportunity to make a strategic investment in Nordisk Tang. Together, we can develop a solid and complete value chain based on a common set of core values. The potential in this partnership is huge.” Earlier, Nordisk Tang has received private investments. The company has also been a part of the start-up accelerator Accelerace.

A family history of seaweed

As part of the accelerator programme, the founders were coached in how to create real value from the investments through sales plans and market identification. Something that has been a great help for the company going forward. “Nordisk Tang has particularly strong competencies within seaweed, and the family has a long history within the area. The father Bjarne Ottesen is chief of development and has been the primary driving force in the accumulation of the vast knowledge in the company about the biology of seaweed, the bioactive compounds, the nutrition value, and health benefits to humans,” says Claus Strand Kristensen, Partner and Investment Manager in Accelerace and continues: “In combination with the expertise in the product, the son Kristian Ottesen, the CEO of the company, has a strong commercial background and functions as the merchant of the company. Nordisk Tang now has a robust product portfolio, contracts with distribution channels in Denmark, and has started exporting to Germany, Sweden, and Norway.” In 2018, Nordisk Tang seeks to double their revenue, and the company reveals that they have upwards of five new products focusing on the health benefits of the fermentation process in the pipeline ready for launch.  ]]>