Accelerace now offers 5 new accelerator programs for talented Danish and international high-growth companies in ICT, welfare technology, clean tech, life science and biotechnology as well as food. This is done as part of the Region’s Scale-Up Denmark initiative in cooperation with several leading partners such as Maersk and Novo Nordisk Fonden, who is opening the doors for learning, knowledge sharing and networking with startups. Accelerace has just been selected to run half of the 10 acceleration environments in Scale-Up Denmark and the programs are expected to attract no less than 1,500 Danish and international startups over the next three years. Peter Torstensen, CEO of Accelerace says: “The programs will not just be for Danish companies, but also for international entrepreneurs with an interest on the European market and will use the strong ecosystem in Denmark as a springboard for further growth,” and continues: “We are looking for entrepreneurs like elite swimmer Pernille Blume – i.e. talent, which has not yet fully expanded are able to do it with the right help. With our specialized training and experience from 300 startups, I believe that we are best to unleash the talented entrepreneurs’ investment potential.” Programs with industry focus and specialization Both in Denmark and abroad, accelerator programs have typically been targeted at IT startups. But now Accelerace launches 5 new industry-specific accelerators based in different regional hubs in Denmark. The new programs will ensure a more customized approach and delivery of highly specialized industry knowledge, and will count startups in the fields of ICT, welfare technology, clean tech, life science and biotechnology as well as food. Applications are now open for registrations for both Danish and international companies, and aims to mature companies to raise seed capital and venture capital. Corporate cooperation to ensure network and expertise In connection with the start of the new programs Accelerace has also signed a number of partnerships with major Danish companies, including Maersk. Anneli Bartholdy, Innovation Portfolio Manager in Maersk Maritime Technology, says about the cooperation: “Maersk needs new solutions to meet our existing business challenges and at the same time, we need to grow. The cooperation with Accelerace is an important part of this, where we hope to spot interesting startups that can solve our challenges and challenge our way of thinking. In this way, we learn more about how an accelerator can help our business interests, while we also have the opportunity to support the growth and maturation of new companies ” For startups, collaboration with established companies is a unique opportunity to access their network and expertise and to test their product. Claus Harbo, CEO of Zertify, which has developed a method of standard software for managing certificates that are particularly relevant in the offshore industry, says of the initiative: “It’s exciting that Accelerace can now take their concept one step further and make the programs available internationally and even more industry-specific. And cooperation with established companies such as Maersk is a great strength, because as a startup – in dialogue with the company – can adapt its product in relation to market requirements, increasing the likelihood of success and scale. ” Applications are open now for the first batch starting in November 2016. Apply and read more here Read the full story in Børsen]]>