Meet the 17 new startups in Accelerace

Seventeen world-class startups are now ready to take on their 6-8 month Accelerace journey from startup to scaleup. In the fall of 2016 Accelerace launched five new startup accelerators with focus on information communication technology, foodtech, cleantech and life science & welfaretech as part of the Scale-up Denmark initiative. The first batch of startups in the five new accelerators has just begun their journey to scale their startup. Among the new companies are Sensohive who have made high-performance wireless temperature IoT-sensors for restaurants, or Praice who has built a new innovative HR-platform, or Relibond who has developed innovative high-voltage cable assemblies that are 30% more effective than conventional solutions. In the life science & welfaretech accelerators skilled startups on Ph.D.-level are working on new innovative cancer treatment solutions. Among the 17 companies are also TellSpec from Canada, Qarnot Computing and Sensewaves from France. Business school for startups During the next 6-8 months the startups will gain access to 200 hours of consulting with an experienced serial-entrepreneurs, camps, labs and a wide network to partners such as Maersk, Novo Nordisk Foundation, Agro Business Park, Clean and Insero. After completing the program startups have the opportunity to raise a seed-investment round to further boost their company’s growth trajectory. Accelerace will attract up to 1500 Danish and international startups over the next few years as part of Scale-up Denmark. The programs will not just be for Danish companies, but also for international entrepreneurs with an interest in the European market and will use the strong ecosystem in Denmark as a springboard for further growth. Meet the 17 high-potential startup companies below. Tech Production Hero Production hero has developed a planning and scheduling tool to simplify TV production Traede – Traede has developed a highly effective B2B eCommerce platform to make sales easy Praice Praice is your personality profile, built by feedback from your network. Praice enables a credible communication of personality because it avoids the shortcomings of traditional personality tests, based on self-reporting.   Food tech Landmad Aims to connect the local farms with urban consumers to say goodbye to industrial production and hello to good quality directly from the field, garden or stable. Neatmeal Neatmeal is an online portal for private dining. Kastberg High quality homemade Italian ice cream. Sensohive High-performance wireless temperature sensor for restaurants. TellSpec TellSpec is a data company that offers real-time, affordable, reliable, nondestructive, handheld food analysis. Nohrlund Nohrlund offers a wide range of highly praised ecological bottled cocktails.   Clean Tech QarnotComputing (from France) Has built the first computing heater for smart buildings.This allows you to get free heating while selling CPU power. Sensewaves (from France) Sensewaves delivers adaptive analytics for the internet of things. LeapCraft Leapcraft is a new age global innovation provider working with user centered design, big data and technology exploration. Relibond – ReliBond IVS has developed innovative high-voltage cable assemblies that are 30% more effective than conventional solutions.   Life Sciences and welfare tech Monta Biosciences MonTa Biosciences is a start-up biotech company who is active in immuno-Oncology with a focus on cancer immunotherapy. Immunitrack Immunitrack is a novel spin-out company from the University of Copenhagen that builds on more than a decade of research in the neonatal Fc receptor (FcRn) and Major Histocompablility Complex Molecules (MHC). Askari Askari develops novel therapeutic agents against worm infections in hens, pigs and other production animals that could save millions in production loss for the farmers. Hedia Hedia is a personal diabetes-assistant, based on artificial intelligence that picks up patterns and habits of the individual diabetic. Next application deadline is December 15th 2016. Read and apply on]]>