Your personal AI assistant should be data protected

Your personal AI assistant should be data protected

Accelerace invest in pioneers of world’s first private personal AI, Hyphen.

As the world’s population is buzzing with excitement over the newest development in AI, there is still a big hurdle that needs to be cleared, before we can take full advantage of AI as our personal assistants: data ownership, protection and trust. The future of personal AI is no longer a distant dream, but an imminent reality. These intelligent companions, will be as integral to daily life as smartphones, and will elevate our thinking, augment human intellect and handle tasks on our behalf. The future of AI is deeply personal, demanding our control and trust to unleash an unparalleled era of mental empowerment and productivity. 


“For us, Hyphen is solving the last barrier for personalized AI which is the privacy aspect of our personal data. None of us really trust big tech with our most intimate information and that is why the winners will be companies that build their brand on consumer confidence”
David Today Ventzel, fund manager & partner at Accelerace


Hyphen will secure our personal data

What sets Hyphen apart is its unwavering commitment to data privacy. Users will automatically store their data in personally owned, encrypted databases, inaccessible to anyone, including Hyphen. This ensures total control and privacy over users’ information. The EU’s forefront position on privacy regulations and values, is one of the reasons that a Danish company is taking on this global challenge. A challenge not just Accelerace believe they are the right people for. Hyphen’s mission is also backed by prominent investors such as Lars Seier Christensen (founder of Saxo Bank and Concordium), Nikolaj Højer Nielsen (founder of Penneo) as well as VC firms The Aventures, Morph Capital, and international investors out of London, Singapore, and Sweden. 


 “The future of AI needs privacy and data ownership. Hyphen’s team is well-positioned to tackle this, aligning technology with user-first values. It’s the right mission for this team.”
Lars Seier Christensen


Leading the company are seasoned entrepreneurs Kasper Juul, Simon Westh Henriksen and Yngvi Karlson. In collaboration with Thorbjørn Rønje from Morph Capital, they began working on Hyphen in late 2021 and are now very close to reaching their first milestone. 


With our shared vision and collective experience in building startups, venture capital, and working with institutions like MIT CSAIL and Harvard, we believe we have the right blend to pioneer this personal AI revolution
CEO Kasper Juul.


Hyphen is launching its beta version of the private, personal AI end of 2023. You can currently sign up for a waitlist on or wait until Hyphen opens up to the full public in Q1 2024.