Accelerace invest in the future of combat sports

Accelerace invest in the future of combat sports
A game changer in the world of combat sports
Every once in a while, new technology arrives to change the game and take industries to new places – inventions with the potential to shift paradigms and turn things upside down. When such technology opens up the world and gives access to more people, we have a game changer like Jabbr. The Danish AI startup has the potential to level the playing field in combat sports, and give access to those who didn’t have it before.


“Jabbr has the potential to change an entire industry, and the interest in BETA-testing has already been overwhelming, which makes it an extremely interesting prospect” – David Today Ventzel, partner and fund manager at Accelerace.


The founders wanted to use technology for accessibility
A few years ago, founders Allan Svejstrup and Elias Obeid discovered the potential of distributing advanced technology in combat sports to bring objective insights into a game traditionally evaluated subjectively. At Jabbr they’ve developed an advanced computer-vision AI system called DeepStrike designed for combat sports. ‘DeepStrike’ can analyse the performance of athletes in fights and sparring sessions, and instantly generate analytical statistics on 50 different parameters to help determine strengths and weaknesses in a fighter’s game. It also automatically generates individual highlight videos, and can even convert the output from static cameras into something that looks like a professional TV production. All without the time consuming task of filming, watching and editing.


The founders discovered that their tools to become a better fighter wouldn’t have to be limited to a closed circle, and went on a mission to liberate the world of combat sports from monetary limitations and level the playing field for all boxers no matter their social, financial or geographical background. The goal is to make professional level analytics, content creation and fight streaming affordable and accessible to everyone in the sport, which means that it works with all video inputs and for a limited price, giving both the individuals and boxing clubs the ability to use it for all their members.


The hope for both Jabbr and investors is that this will liberate the opportunity to improve and be discovered as a fighter and thus make the sport even better, more competitive, and attract even more talent in the future. We share the investment with PreSeed Ventures and 4 business angels who have been part of the round, and we are really happy about the opportunity to work together on this.


Jabbr expects to launch their public MVP during early September this year. Right now you have the chance to sign up through their website and if you’re lucky you’ll get an invitation to try it way before the rest of the world.


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