Accelerace takes in seven high-profile startups

Accelerace has just kicked off a new round of the eight-month accelerator program. The new startups in Accelerace consists of technology & life science companies, among others Digisec who can segment the market for digital add space, LassoX who deliveres robot generated business news and Antag who’s fighting obesity. Here’s a quick rundown of the companies in the new round of Accelerace: Technology startups Deemly deemly is a reputation site, which shows the trustworthiness of users engaging in peer-to-peer transactions by combining ratings and reviews from multiple peer-to-peer platforms, such as Airbnb, ebay, and UpWork. Talking Ninja Learn a new language in 90 days. Digisec For the first time ever you are able to segment the entire market of Digital Add Space. We call it “Add Full Reach” LassoX LassoX is a Danish robot generated business news platform. News stories are written based on public available records about all Danish companies. Read more on Capty Capty suppies photo books and print solutions that supports easy implementation from social media. Capty has among other developed the wedding picture app Read more on Life Science startups Antag Antag is working on a promising hormone treatment to fight obesity. VasDeBlock VasDeBlock is the alternative male contraception method that is non-surgical, hormone-free, and easily reversible. Read more on]]>