Alumni news: The Eye Tribe acquired by Facebook

Alumni news: The Eye Tribe acquired by Facebook .,

Soon you’ll be able to control your VR-experience using the eye tracking technology by the Danish startup The Eye Tribe who just got acquired by Oculus owned by Facebook. The startup was accelerated by Accelerace in 2012 and have now come a long way on the global tech scene with their technology that precisely determines your on-screen gaze position on smartphones, and potentially for virtual reality headsets in the forthcoming years. According to TechCrunch the eye tracking technology is currently very promising in making VR-experience more life-like. Other uses are auto-scrolling of an on screen text or sheet music while reading or playing an instrument while gaze analytics can prove to collect valuable insights as to where people are looking when using an app or a technological product. The Eye Tribe have previously taken investments from Startup Bootcamp and the Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation. The price of the acquisition by Facebook is yet undisclosed. Watch the YouTube video of how the technology works here: Read more on TechCrunch VentureBeat DR]]>