Accelerace and Waoo partnership to provide new digital experiences for customers

Accelerace and Waoo partnership to provide new digital experiences for customers

To help their customers to take full advantage of the internet, Waoo, Denmark’s leading provider of internet, TV and telephony is collaborating with Accelerace to find, select and train the best startups in the field of digital home experiences. The partnership will benefit Waoo, the startups and the customers of Waoo. Accelerace has entered a new ambitious partnership dedicated to digital startups. In collaboration with Waoo, Accelerace will find and select the very best startups and bring these into contact with potential users and resources within Waoo. “Waoo is focusing on delivering the fiberbroadband of the future to customers, together with innovative solutions, which makes it possible to exploit the many opportunities of the internet. We believe that innovation happens through strong partnerships and by taking advantage of each other’s strenghts,” says Waoo CEO Jørgen Stensgaard.

Startups get access to 400,000 customers

Waoo will collaborate closely with the selected startups and put the company’s infrastructure at the startups’ disposal in order to test new innovative solutions. As a benefit for the selected startups, Waoo can provide interaction with the 400,000 customers, along with access to know-how and many years of expertise.

Fast forwarding commercialization

Waoo and Accelerace are committed to make the collaboration a true value driver for both the digital startups and Waoo. All selected startups will get the chance to participate in actual proof of concept tests and will be on the way towards a true commercial collaboration. “This is an extremely great opportunity for startups looking to scale their services through Waoo’s steadily growing customer base and with different modes of collaboration. Also, teaming up with Denmark’s leading internet provider, will serve as a strong gateway to the Nordics”, says Mary Apostolaki, Business Accelerator in Accelerace. Accelerace is now scouting for the first batch of startups to partner up with Waoo. Startups can apply here until the 25thof September.]]>