Accelerace wins the best Nordic accelerator category at Nordic Startup Awards

Accelerace wins the best Nordic accelerator category at Nordic Startup Awards .,

The Nordic Startup Awards provides an annual spotlight to those who dare to dream big and shape the way the future look. The Nordic finale of the Nordic Startup Awards was held the 18th of October in Stockholm, Sweden, where more than 800 participants celebrated the thriving Nordic startup ecosystem. Accelerace won the category as best Accelerator program in the Nordics after an eventful year. Accelerace founder & CEO Peter Torstensen says: “Since 2008 where Accelerace was founded we have been working hard to develop strong ecosystems for startups. We believe that in the long run the success of startups is a function of the quality of the ecosystem. We also believe that strong ecosystems are build by one successful startup at the time and therefore we focus on the start-ups with the potential to scale their business fast. As an accelerator, we are developing at a fast pace just like the start-ups and we work hard to stay on top of our game. Winning the award as best Nordic accelerator is a great honor and a recognition of the work we constantly try to do to build startups and ecosystems.” 5 new accelerators backed by corporate partners The last year has been an eventful year for Accelerace. Accelerace started five new accelerators focused on Technology, Foodtech, Cleantech, Biotech & Life sciences and Medtech & Healh Care as part of the Scale-up Denmark initiative. The accelerators are currently taking in the fifth batch of start-ups. In this process, Accelerace seeks to bridge the corporate/startup gap and has initiated innovation partnerships with Arla Foods, Foss, NRGi, Business Lolland-Falster, and Mærsk. Accelerace also started the Nordic Mentor Network for Entrepreneurship (NOME) which is based on a Novo Nordisk Foundation initiative. The program is today the first life science mentor network covering the Nordics with 10 fast-growing start-ups, 7 strategic country-based partners with expertise in start-up business development, and +30 world-class mentors who are some of the most experienced biotech entrepreneurs and life science executives in the Nordic countries and the USA. According to the official jury of the Nordic Startup Awards, Accelerace won the category for several factors: “Especially Accelerace’s high success rate and that 88% of the startups are still on the market shows just how great their service is. The founders package, team, funding support and mentor work were further elements which made the NSAwards jury chose Accelerace as this year’s winner of the Best Accelerator category.” Connecting the Nordic start-up ecosystem The Nordic Startup Awards is a unique series of events in the Nordic countries – Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Norway, and Finland – to recognize, celebrate and connect the Nordic startup ecosystem. In addition to being regional, it is also cross-sectorial, bringing together all the actors within the startup ecosystem from startups and investors and much more. Five of the 15 awards were won by Danish start-ups and organizations: Founder’s House won for best Co-working Space, KUBO Robotics won the Best Newcomer category, MentorDenmark won the People’s Choice awards and Too Good To Go as recognized as the best foodtech startup in the Nordics. The event is part of the Global Startup Awards that brings together amazing ideas and the best talents from 4 regions, 25 countries across the globe to celebrate entrepreneurial spirit and startups. The global finale will be held in China where Accelerace will be up against accelerator programs from all around the globe. Check out all the winners of the Nordic Startup Awards at their website here Read more in the following media: Business Insider Nordics, StartupBeat, TechSavvyMedia, Digital247, ITWatch, InnoMag.noShifter.noTheSociable, and on the Accelerace blog here: (Photo by Daniel Söderberg, ‘ (Photo by Daniel Söderberg, (Photo by Daniel Söderberg,  ]]>