Meet the newest members of the Accelerace family .,

The deadline to join Accelerace’s first batch in 2018 has just closed. If you haven’t met the start-ups from our current batch, there is no more time to waste as they are highly promising in changing their ecosystems and enhancing the life of their customers. After having screened countless start-ups in the sectors of CleanTech, FoodTech, Life Science, Health Care and General Tech, we chose nine promising startups which we support on their endeavors. On 16th October, the newcomers joined Accelerace in kicking off the latest round of its six to eight months and equity-free program. Accelerace is hosting 2 to 3 times per year such a batch allowing start-ups to grow together with tailored support from their consultants and in close collaboration with Accelerace’s corporate partner network. Spotlight on VRinspired, SBTinstruments and Octlight The current start-ups are not lacking diversity as their core focuses ranges from virtual reality over smart city to ophthalmology. The tech start-up VRinspired brings VR experiences to the masses by delivering solutions for location-based VR centers and their team has an impressive track record in the film and gaming industry. The FoodTech start-up SBTinstruments is tackling safety issues in the food industry: Conventional hygiene tests in production sites take three days to be evaluated. Three days in which contamination can find its way into the retailers’ or worse, consumers’ hands. SBTinstruments found a way to test bacteria count within five minutes, avoiding costly and potentially dangerous food recalls. The Danish start-up Octlight is revolutionizing diagnostics in ophthalmology. They are reducing the large number of preventable outcomes of eye disease like visual impairment or even blindness by making 3D images. Below, you can find all Accelerace newcomers listed by their respective industry. Tech Accelerator VRinspired: Develops and distributes exciting VR experiences for location-based VR centers and businesses. WARM: Helps artists, managers, producers and labels discover when and where their music is played by screening 23.000+ radio stations worldwide. MeetinVR: Brings remote collaborations to a new level by allowing creative professionals to meet and review their work in VR. CleanTech Accelerator Bosolog: Enables extensive supply chain tracking. Their multisensory systems measures a variety of parameters and notifies users immediately in order to avoid damage to their goods. VisBlue: Developed a groundbreaking battery technology that allows users to store more of their energy in a safe and environmentally friendly way. Enfor: Brings the energy sector up to speed with their forecasting and optimization tools. FoodTech Accelerator SBTinstruments: Specialized in food safety by offering the industry a rapid measurement tool for bacteria count in aqueous solutions, reducing time for analysis from 3 days to 5 minutes. Life Science and MedTech Accelerator Precure: Working on wearable technology to prevent injury and improve rehabilitation. Octlight: Setting new standards in eye diagnostics. Their swept light source technology is enabling 3D OCT images of the eye.]]>