Alumni news: Coinify announces new partnership with Nets

Accelerace Alumni Coinify has entered a partnership with FinTech giants, Nets. Together they have established a Blockchain Development Lab to unlock and utilize the potential of the bitcoin technology. There is strong potential in the field of blockchain technology and two of Europe’s the biggest players in digital and blockchain payments have set out on a journey to explore and capitalize on the opportunities. The new partnership between Coinify and Nets enables cooperation with internationally renowned experts in the field, in order to develop new concepts as the basis for creating specific products and services. Mark Højgaard, CEO and Co-founder of Coinify considers that the partnership will enable both companies to provide first-class products and services for key stakeholders such as consumers and businesses. Furthermore, through the partnership, both companies aim to increase the commercial applicability of the blockchain technology within high security standards. Jan C. Plenge, Senior Vice President of Digital Innovaton at Nets, considers the partnership with Coinify as an excellent step towards a thorough understanding of the disruptive potential that blockchain technology has. In 2014 Accelerace invested in Coinify, partner and investor at Accelerace, Jesper Knudsen says on LinkedIn ( “We are very pleased to see Coinify getting accredited by the major players within the payment industry. At Accelerace we are pleased to be part of this journey and congratulate the team for their professionalism.” Read more about Coinify here: You can also read more about the partnership between Coinify and Nets in the following news articles: