Graduateland acquires Madrid-based startup, Tyba, and expands in Southern Europe

Accelerace Alumni, Graduateland, has acquired the popular recruitment platform, Tyba, in a move that will allow the Copenhagen-based startup to help an even greater number of students and graduates to take off in their careers. Additionally, Graduateland will now provide both large companies and startups with a more diverse pool of talented candidates. By purchasing Tyba- a leading Spanish recruitment platform focused on startups and Internet companies, Graduateland- Europe´s largest career network for students and graduates, has set on a journey to reach higher heights by unlocking the potential offered by the promising Spanish market. Patrick Lund, CEO and Co-founder of Graduateland explains the reasons behind the acquisition: “Expanding within our existing market of students and graduates, as well as coupling the attractive segment of startup companies made Tyba the obvious acquisition target.The potential to service our users grows exponentially by integrating what Tyba has created over the last four years”. According to Patrick, Graduateland will now be in a better position to focus on the developing Spanish startup segment, and bridge talented students and graduates with career opportunities in the startup ecosystem. Additionally, the acquisition has also been welcomed by recruiting managers. Lise Emilie Fritzboeger, Employer Branding & HR at Siemens, considers that Graduateland makes it easier for companies to target and attract students and graduates of different nationalities. Graduateland participated in the Accelerace accelerator program in the fall of 2012 and later raised seed investments from Accelerace Invest twice, summing 5 million DKK. Jesper Knudsen, partner in Accelerace & Chairman of the Board at Graduateland, considers that through the acquisition of Tyba, Graduateland keeps pace with nowadays higher demand for talent mobility, making it easier for students to relocate in other European countries. Graduateland is bringing together companies, students and universities and creating a large career network for almost 500.000 students and graduates. Currently, more than 25 European universities have implemented the solution, including Copenhagen Business School in Denmark, Lund University and Stockholm University in Sweden and KU Leuven in Belgium. Read Graduateland’s official announcement here: And read the story on TechCrunch here:]]>