Attention Startups: Tetra Pak Wants to Partner with You

Attention Startups: Tetra Pak Wants to Partner with You .,

Tetra Pak, the world’s leading food processing and packaging solutions company, wants to support and collaborate with the next generation of food and beverage processing startups with scalable business models. Accelerace’s role is to find and select the very best of these. The corporate-startup partnership, enabled by Accelerace, builds on a simple and straightforward idea: it harnesses the best of both worlds. To develop the best solutions to the industry’s biggest challenges is a long and messy road, but to combine Tetra Pak’s infrastructure, network and know-how with startups’ innovation, talent and speed is the first step. We know, because we have done it before. Our previous round resulted in four startups, which varied in maturity, state of technology and age, launching successful pilots.

Why partnering with Tetra Pak is a brilliant idea

The scale, distribution and resources of an industry-leading player allow the most promising food and beverage processing startups to conduct trials, garner feedback and scale faster. Unlike competitors, the selected startups can enjoy benefits in the form of access to world-class development centers, the opportunity to scale with 5,000 customers globally and partnership support by Accelerace. Not to mention the helpful coaching from Tetra Pak’s highly skilled engineers, food technicians, microbiologists, software developers and project managers. The selected startups will be invited to pitch in front of Tetra Pak and, if done successfully, set up a pilot project. As always, Accelerace is committed to making the partnership a success story and a value driver for Tetra Pak, its customers and the selected food and beverage processing startups. Jack Peters, Head of Venture Scouting at Accelerace, believes that this corporate-startup partnership is a win-win for everyone involved: “Sustainability is high on the agenda and it has been great to leverage the innovation potential of impactful startups with the time and resource of an industry leader. Tetra Pak’s innovation team has done a fantastic job connecting the startups to the right stakeholders in the relevant business units, which is key to driving transformative change together.”  Read more and apply here before July 10!]]>