Beyond Beta's First-Ever Batch: Meet the 32 Selected Startups

Beyond Beta's First-Ever Batch: Meet the 32 Selected Startups

It’s finally time to kick off the first round of Beyond Beta’s Accelerator Program! After screening hundreds of startups, the 32 most intriguing young startups with the potential to become the great companies of tomorrow have been selected. Beyond Beta launched only 1.5 months ago and with 300+ startups registered on the Pre-Accelerator, 32 startups have been accepted into the Accelerator Program. In this batch, you will find business ideas such as a personal blood sampling device, a millennial-centered investment platform, a waste management system to transform mixed fiber textile waste into pure raw materials and a device where relatives to people suffering from dementia can handle video calls, calendar and photos on their behalf remotely. “There’s a good spread in both industry, geography and types of companies among the selected startups, but what they all have in common is their demonstrated growth ambition and potential”, says Mads Løntoft, Head of Acceleration at Accelerace.

An Action-Packed Program – with a Catch

Camp #1 will take place online on October 20-22. The 5-months Accelerator Program gives the selected startups exclusive access to 3-day camps, deep-dives, mentoring from a designated Business Accelerator, potential for funding (500,000 DKK convertible note), networking opportunities with industry experts, serial entrepreneurs, investors, lawyers, etc., as well as extra resources (e.g. access to crucial software such as Google Cloud and HubSpot). There is, however, a catch: Beyond Beta is divided into three phases with cut-offs every six weeks. This means that the startups need to display the right commitment and ability to learn and execute in order to move on to the next phase. It’s tough but fair, because the further the startups get; the more opportunities are unlocked. 

The 32 Startups You Need to Watch Out For

Adoor ApS: Online marketplace for off-market house listings connecting home buyers with home owners before they decide to put their house for sale A millennial-centered investment platform offering gamified education and community features with full flexibility between traditional financial assets and virtual currencies Enhancing sounds necessary for improving speech intelligibility or attenuate ambient noise to increase listening comfort for people suffering from hearing difficulties  Biogenity: Transforming biological data into useful knowledge for the pharmaceutical industry  Biowatch ApS: A personal blood sampling device, monitoring the user’s health and provide the person with personalized health recommendations Cognifirm Aps: A process robot installed in employees’ browsers automating internal processes in a company  Cogo: All shared electric scooters, bikes, e-bikes, electric cars and mopeds gathered in one app DaFreeGo ApS: A social learning and entertainment platform for dancers to create and watch dance content DecorRaid: A B2C platform helping consumers finding interior products that match their style with the help of machine learning  Digital Devotion Games: A digital and social adventure game where multiplayers play as childhood friends going on playful adventures in their local neighborhood A digital holistic financial advisory tool that helps retail banking customers to optimise their financial situation EasyR ApS: B2C marketplace connecting consumers with professional service providers  Encida ApS: Sound test software with custom automated workflows allowing customers to scale their testing capabilities more easily EvoPlexus Medics ApS: A “Vascular Access Device” collecting real time data from patients, alerting healthcare staff and patients before complications are detected B2B SaaS platform that makes it easier for companies in the food industry to source and sell products Healper: B2C marketplace for psychologists matching users with psychologists based on mental health challenges, personality, and other factors HelloFlow: A platform enabling companies to build and design onboarding flows to new clients Hexastate CBM Solutions ApS: IoT sensors monitoring the health condition of industrial manufacturing machines  Kanpla ApS: An online platform enabling users to place an order at their canteen making it easier for the canteen to avoid food waste Klimate: B2B marketplace for carbon removal initiatives connecting carbon removal suppliers with businesses who want to reduce their historic CO2 footprint Little Otter: Invisible speakers covered under wooden design elements for your room Make Influence ApS: An online marketplace that connects influencers and businesses MoreMemo ApS: A device where relatives to people suffering from dementia, remotely can handle video calls, calendar and photos on their behalf Multiscription: A cross-game and cross-publisher subscription service for mobile games offering players access to a large pool of games they would otherwise have to buy individually NordicGrow: A sustainable growing system allowing consumers to grow herbs at home SellersPoint: An online e-learning platform for sellers in the retail industry improving their knowledge about the brands and products they are selling Temply: A platform for on-demand workers focusing on the warehousing industry Textile Change: Transforming mixed fiber textile waste into pure raw materials WeConsider: Rescue equipment designed for public beaches Wult: A platform that makes it easier for SMEs to become data compliant YooNoon IVS: Protein and energy feed for monogastric animals, and protein/new food for humans made of proteins extracted from the cassava foliage ZTLment: Helps SMEs improve margins on cross-border trade via blockchain   About Accelerace: Since 2008, Accelerace has helped accelerate 700+ Danish and international startups, including Trustpilot and Templafy, of which over 80% are still active. Accelerace has made 67 pre-seed investments in startups, who have been through the accelerator program and have started partnerships with industry-leading companies such as The Novo Nordisk Foundation, Arla, and Elia. Accelerace is also responsible for the management of NOME (Nordic Mentor Network for Entrepreneurship), an elite Mentoring Network for life science startups. About Beyond Beta: Beyond Beta is Denmark’s top-tier accelerator program for promising startups with a demonstrated growth ambition. It is a brand new collaboration between Accelerace, The Danish Business Hubs and Danish Design Center, who have combined their experience of working with 1000+ startups to launch this next evolutionary step of European accelerators. The platform-based approach means that startups can kick-start their journey today by joining the 100% free, online Pre-Accelerator, which can be used as an on-demand toolbox to build  for scale or as a first step into the core Accelerator Program.]]>