Kahoot! acquires Accelerace alumnus Actimo

Kahoot! acquires Accelerace alumnus Actimo .,

Actimo, an Accelerace alumnus from 2012, has been acquired by Kahoot!, the global leading game-based learning platform. As Actimo’s first institutional investor, Accelerace is thrilled to see Actimo shoot for the stars – and land. Actimo is the next-level employee app for remote employees. Fuelled by actionable insights, Actimo intuitively increases productivity and engagement levels in daily communication, tasks and training and with that, helps organizations to effectively connect with and engage their teams all around the world. By joining forces, Actimo and Kahoot! aim to set a new standard for corporate learning and engagement together. “With this strategic decision, we will combine the functionality of corporate communication, training and employee engagement from the Actimo platform with the learning approach, scale and reach of Kahoot!’s solutions,” says Eske Gunge, Founder and CEO of Actimo, in a press release.

From the accelerator program to getting acquired

Actimo joined the accelerator program back in 2012 and Accelerace was the company’s first institutional investor. David Ventzel, Partner and Fund Manager at Accelerace, served as advisor and board observer for 3 years. He had a front-row seat in watching Eske Gunge go from sole founder to scaling a company together with an ever-growing team: “Eske is one of the hardest working persons I have ever met. I know how much suffering he has endured and luckily, he is one of the few founders who talk openly about the stress and pressure that comes with being a startup founder. Many of our founders have enjoyed the talks he has given to the later batches of startups in our acceleration program. The success of Actimo is well deserved and I have learned a lot from sparring with Eske.”]]>