Danish booking platform among Europe's most promising startups

Danish booking platform among Europe's most promising startups

Danish startup Bookingabus.com has been announced as the winner of the European IMPACT Growth accelerator. With the title comes a price of 250.000 euro. Among the most promising startups in Europe is the Danish platform Bookingabus.com. The EU-financed IMPACT Growth accelerator has chosen the bus booking platform as one of just two winners who have each been granted 250.000 euros. “We’re proud and honored to be among the very top of European entrepreneurship as the winners of IMPACT Growth accelerator. We will focus on reaching further into the international markets with the new capital injection. We see that many consumers can benefit from comparing and selecting the best prices available in the market. Today, the prices for renting a bus are obscure. We want to change that. There is a huge market potential which will continue to grow in the next many years,” says Hasse Eriksen, CEO at Bookingabus.com.

The best among 2000 startups

More than 2000 startups applied to be part of the accelerator. Only 14 were accepted. Among those Spanish Clarity was selected as the other of the two winners together with Bookingabus. The winners were chosen by an exclusive consortium consisting of venture capital and business development experts including the Danish accelerator Accelerace. “We have chosen two winners with impressive market potential and strong teams capable of reaching the right users with their solutions. Spanish Clarity makes it easy to analyze and optimize investment portfolios in a new way, and Danish Bookingabus simplify bus rental resulting in significant savings. The future prospects for both companies look favorable, and I look forward to following their international development,” says Martin Holm Mortensen, Program Manager at IMPACT Growth and Accelerace.

Equity-free financing

Bookingabus was founded in 2013. The following year, Accelerace accepted the company to its accelerator programme. In Accelerace, the company quickly picked up speed and was chosen as one of Denmark’s best subjects to invest in. Not long after, the startup raised eight million Danish kroner from Seed Capital, MIdtjysk Iværksætterfond, and Vækstfonden. The 250.000 euro that IMPACT Growth has granted the startups are equity-free. All 14 startups received 100.000 euro by the beginning of the program in October 2017. Clarity and Bookingabus received an additional 150.000 euro meeting their market potential. Read more about IMPACT Growth accelerator here: https://impact-growth.fundingbox.com Read more about all the 14 startups here: https://impact-growth.fundingbox.com/pages/winners Meet the Accelerace team here: https://accelerace.io/team/]]>