IDUN Audio Raises New Round and Keeps Door Open for Further Investors

IDUN Audio Raises New Round and Keeps Door Open for Further Investors

Accelerace invested in IDUN audio in 2022, and since then, the team has worked tirelessly to bring the world’s most advanced spatial audio experience to our headphones and ears. Along the way, IDUN audio have engaged in partnerships with major companies, such as Qualcomm, Cadence Design Systems and GreenWaves Technologies, integrating their embedded software onto several headphone platforms.

Now, many of the current investors have returned for another round – among them Accelerace Allstars – which will enable IDUN audio to keep innovating and pursuing more of the impressive partnerships.


“It is really satisfying to experience investors being just as excited as we are about the progress we have made in the recent year. Despite tough investment conditions, we were able to close a financing round with existing and new business angels. This will enable us to bring our new innovations in spatial audio to headphone manufacturers around the world,” says Pauli Minnaar, CEO at IDUN audio.


That is not the end of the news, however. There is actually still room for investment in this round, as Pauli explains:


“In order to further boost our growth, we decided to keep a tail open until the end of june 2024 – to give any last investors the chance to join in.”


We are very impressed with what IDUN audio have achieved so far, and Accelerace is proud to be supporting IDUN audio on its journey. The recommitment from many of the investors show the faith in the entire team.


Current headphones don’t represent audio in a natural way. During everyday listening, we can hear where sound is coming from, how far away things are, and what space we are in. Currently, when listening with headphones, these amazing hearing abilities are lost, and it sounds like the audio is inside our head. That gives a poor listening experience and can be very tiring. Therefore IDUN audio have developed dynamic spatial audio that brings a natural way of listening to headphones.