Launching Beyond Beta and turning our back on the traditional accelerator model

Launching Beyond Beta and turning our back on the traditional accelerator model

In collaboration with the Danish Business Hubs (under the lead of Copenhagen Business Hub – Erhvervshus Hovedstaden) and Danish Design Centre, Accelerace is over the moon to officially launch Beyond Beta: the next-generation accelerator model. By offering both an online platform and a 5-months accelerator program, the goal for Beyond Beta is crystal clear: that Danish startups become future scaleups.  Here’s the thing: Denmark’s amongst the world’s best to lay a solid foundation for starting a company. However, the newly-established companies rarely become scaleups and we lag behind countries we normally compare ourselves with (e.g. Sweden and Germany). Across the three founding partner organizations of Beyond Beta, we have worked with 1000+ startups and Beyond Beta is the culmination of those many years of experience. We strive to significantly increase the survival rate of newborn startups during the impact of COVID-19 and increase the number of startups that stay in Denmark – also for Series A and beyond.

Pre-accelerator: a freely accessible, interactive online platform

The pre-accelerator serves as the first step into our core accelerator program. However, under the economic impact of COVID-19, we decided to make it accessible to all founders as it gives startups immediate access to curated tools, online training and hacks to increase their odds of success. Think of it like an on-demand toolbox to start scaling startups today and as a first step into our core accelerator program. By moving away from the traditional accelerator model, where only a limited number of startups get selected and supported, Beyond Beta is able to serve and contribute to the development of a larger number of startups through an open ecosystem model. Compared to other accelerators, the pre-accelerator adds transparency to the application process and the core accelerator program, as startups gain a better understanding of what the core accelerator focuses on. Equally important, it democratize access to knowledge and expertise in scaling up: “Accelerators are usually built that you receive 500+ applicants, select only a limited number of startups and the rest don’t get any value out of that process. Now we can deliver value to all startups,” says Peter Torstensen, CEO at Accelerace.

5-months core accelerator program

We offer startups a next-generation accelerator: a modular platform-based approach of tailored offerings that match each startup’s individual needs. By applying and getting accepted into the 5-months core accelerator program, a rigorous process of simultaneous learning, networking and executing starts. The purpose is dual: with help from top industry experts and seasoned founders as well as our investment experts, we help startups gear up for rapid scaling and enable them to raise private funding. There will be five acceleration camps between 2020 and 2022 and 150 startups across Denmark will be admitted.

On the lookout for startups

The scouting process for VC-backable Danish startups has started. Work through our pre-accelerator and apply before October 4! ]]>