Open Call: Win Access to Elite Life Science Mentoring Program

Open Call: Win Access to Elite Life Science Mentoring Program

For Nordic life science startups looking to transform into internationally renowned commercial successes, this is your call: the application to the NOME Startup Competition 2020 is open. By winning the Startup Competition, which will be held on November 18, your ticket into the NOME Mentoring Program is secured. The Nordic Mentor Network for Entrepreneurship (NOME) is an independent organization, funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation, to develop and implement a best-in-class mentoring initiative that will propel life science startups in the Nordics. Since 2016, the ambition has been to transform Nordic life science startups into internationally renowned commercial successes by matching the most promising startups with highly skilled volunteer professionals to help them reach their goals and technology milestones. Normally, access into the NOME Mentoring Program is by invite only but once a year, during the NOME Annual Meeting, the most promising life science startup has the opportunity to become part of the elite Mentoring Program by winning the NOME Startup Competition.

Your Ticket Into An Elite Mentoring Program

The 18-months mentoring program is 100% free. In addition to receiving strategic advice from world-class industry mentors with a global network and 1000+ years of collective experience of building successful life science companies, the NOME network simultaneously provides startups with access to the NOME US Camp, which offers intense workshops and one-on-one sessions around topics such as IP, capital, legal, regulatory and market access from local US mentors.

Startup Competition Moves Online 

Under normal circumstances, the Startup Competition is scheduled as a major part of the NOME Annual Meeting. However, due to the recent development of COVID-19 in Denmark, the Startup Competition 2020 will instead take place online. The setup is straightforward: a limited number of startups will log in from all corners of the Nordic countries to pitch to the jury of NOME mentors and to the NOME network on Wednesday, November 18. The jury will select the winner, who will receive the NOME prize of DKK 50.000 and an exclusive spot in the NOME Mentoring Program. “The NOME Startup Competition is a major event for us. It is the only open call for NOME and attracts a great number of promising startups who use the opportunity to get accepted into the best mentoring network in the Nordics. I am thrilled to see how much NOME can do for these companies and how much they develop through our program”, says NOME’s Program Director Peter Birk. The application deadline is October 26. Apply HERE!]]>