New partnership alert: partner with Washbox, a fast-growing and sustainable Scandinavian carwash producer

New partnership alert: partner with Washbox, a fast-growing and sustainable Scandinavian carwash producer

Not your average carwash producer, Washbox provides sustainable, plug-and-play carwash units that are both modular and moveable. They are fast-growing and seeking technologies that can further enhance the sustainability of their units, from partners that can scale with them.

Washbox is a fast-growing SME, sprung out of the construction company IPart. The team has experience collaborating with both early-stage technology and more established firms, and as a young ambitious company themselves, they are keen to work alongside startups and SMEs to deliver results fast — with minimal bureaucratic hurdles: 

“Washbox is the sustainable choice for customers that want to be able to offer sustainable carwashes for the end-user. We are growing fast and are looking for partners that fit into our carwash solution so we can scale together. 

Kasper Bye Lassen, COO at Washbox

Why this is interesting

Washbox exists to develop and deliver a “green” and sustainable concept solution for carwash, from creation to end-user, which leaves a minimal (as technologically possible) environmental impact. Washbox currently collects, filters, and reuses 70% of the water — with the ambition of reaching 100%.  

This is an opportunity to consider for three reasons: 

  • Strategic partnership: Washbox is looking for new technologies and services to purchase 
  • Proof of concept: ability to prove one’s concept in a live setting and demonstrate traction 
  • Scale together: Washbox is closing offers fast and needs a partner to scale with them 

Who this is relevant for  

Washbox is seeking to partner with startups and SMEs that can support their sustainable agenda, regarding both the operation and production of their units.

Specifically, they are interested in:

  • Technologies to enhance water reuse and salt removal
  • Off-grid power solutions
  • Sustainable production of the units

Find the application page to Washbox here! 

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