Accelerace invests in IDUN audio, a VR and AR audio software

Accelerace invests in IDUN audio, a VR and AR audio software

Accelerace invests in IDUN audio, a soundtech startup that provides dynamic spatial audio and allows listeners to use their natural sound localization abilities when listening with headphones. IDUN audio is a Soundtech Accelerator alumnus from 2019.

Restores natural listening through headphones

When you listen to music, participate in online conferences or play computer games using headphones, the sound seems to be inside of your head. This is an unnatural experience considering that our human hearing abilities allow us to locate where sounds are coming from in space — it is around us, not inside us.

IDUN audio restores this natural listening experience by providing dynamic spatial audio for headphones. Think of it as virtual- and augmented reality (VR/AR) for audio:

“The fact that our software runs inside the headphones, as opposed to on a phone or a computer, enables exceptionally compelling experiences due to very fast head tracking, and sets the headphones free to provide spatial audio from any audio device.”

Pauli Minnaar, Founder & CEO, IDUN audio

IDUN audio’s headphone software has broad applications that can improve many everyday listening situations, including (but not limited to) listening to music, watching movies, playing computer games, participating in online meetings, navigation, etc.


The combination of a very experienced team, class-leading dynamic spatial audio and a growing market for headphones, hearables and VR/AR headsets, makes investing in IDUN audio a no-brainer:

“Having known IDUN audio since they participated in our Soundtech Accelerator in Spring 2019, it was obvious from the start that they had what it takes to become a great company. Now, they have gathered a stellar team and further developed their class-leading dynamic spatial audio for headphones and are ready for the next step. With their technology and with the market for spatial audio in both consumer headphones and solutions for VR and AR on the rise, it makes for a perfect fit for our fund.”

Michael Rohde Böwadt, Business Accelerator & Investment Manager, Accelerace


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