Startup Insights is back with one of our industrial companies – Dall Energy! Back in 2007, Jens Dall Bentzen founded Dall Energy based on a patent about gas cooling and heat recovery. Dall Energy now delivers several solutions to drastically reduce biomass emissions in energy plants! This company has since won several awards for their entrepreneurial thinking within their technologies. CNN even interviewed the founder, Jens Dall Bentzen, check it out below. Product/Service description: Dall Energy delivers a multi-fuel furnace/oven. How it works: Converts all types of waste into clean energy. This is done through several solutions. Why did you apply for the Accelerace program?   It was important for us to get a scalable business plan for Dall Energy, which is why we applied for the Accelerace program. How did your company start, and how did you get the idea? Long story short: Prior to founding Dall Energy, Jens Dall Bentzen was a project manager in the consulting company COWI A/S, responsible for research and development of new biomass technologies. In 2007, he decided to start Dall Energy. This was based on a patent he about gas cooling and heat recovery. This pending patent was then bought by COWI and thus led to the start of Dall Energy. Good to know about Dall Energy:

  • First Dane to get “European Inventor Award”
  • Participation in CNN International
  • American Seed investor: ”Spraying Systems”
Fun fact: How Dall Energy got into the American market is actually a funny story. The owner of “Warwik Mills”, Charlie Howland, was about to change from oil to biomass, but the state of New Hampshire announced tightening of requirements for particle emission. Therefore, if Warwick Mills wanted a locally produced biomass furnace/oven, they had to invest in a larger particle-filter system. The biomass project would then be way to expensive. Charlie was about to give up but started researching on the subject. He then found Dall Energy, who had just released their initial test results from their pilot project. Charlie then flew to Denmark to speak with Dall Energy, and shortly after a deal was made, where Dall Energy was to lead the engineering at Warwick Mills. The new installations were live in the summer of 2014, and are still alive and kicking today. When the emission-controllers came out to document if the furnace/oven was running according to the harsh emissions requirements in New Hampshire, the officials thought their testing equipment was broken – but the fact was that the new furnace was emitting shockingly low emissions. If you are interested in seeing more about this funny story, then check out this video here: Founder: Jens Dall Bentzen Employees: 2 Headquarters: Scion DTU, Hørsholm Year Founded: 2007 Website: Link CNN Interview: Link]]>