Next up on Startup Insights we have Mono+mono: These guys had a massively successful Kickstarter campaign last year and are now scaling their business through the Accelerace program! Wanna know how it all started? Read their story below:  Elevator Pitch: The World’s most compact foldable seat, perfect for all outings. Making resting truly portable. Product/Service description: A foldable seat that fits in your pocket, made from telescopic tubing and folds into the size of a 50 CL beverage can. How it works: Split outer shell, extend, twist. 1-2-3. The users then lean on Sitpack using their own legs as stabilizers, keeping body, and brain active, engaging core, stimulating balance, and keeping energy levels higher. Why did you apply for the Accelerace program? We applied for Accelerace with Sitpack to gain new and valuable business insight and advice in regards to streamlining go-to market strategy and maturing both product and business profile for new market entry. How did your company start, and how did you get the idea? 5 years ago on Roskilde Festival we got frustrated about the lack of portable seating. Traditional solutions were extremely complex and clumsy. Since then we have been working on several product ideas and Sitpack is the first product to become a reality Other big news about your company? Mono+Mono had strived for 450,000 DKK in a Kickstarter campaign – they raised over 1,000,000 DKK with over 2,500 backers in total! That’s quite cool. You can see the campaign here. Fun fact: The 2 founders have a 100% academic background; hence the learning curve has been ridiculous. Also, we have tried crossing the Atlantic in a sailing boat, that crashed in a storm. Founder(s): Jonas Lind-Bendixen Nikolaj Bak Employees: 3 Headquarters: Copenhagen, Denmark Year Founded: 2014 Website(s): Twitter: Link Facebook: Link LinkedIn: Link Demo video: ]]>