Presenting our next Accelerace participant: Ingenium Golf​! This team has dedicated their company to solve the many administrative issues related to managing golf courses along with modernizing the entire way of playing through a new awesome GPS application! 

Elevator Pitch:

Ingenium Golf offer golf clubs a unique cloud- and app-based service called “Course Manager”. With Course Manager, club management can market the golf course and club sponsors to golfers in new and more flexible ways, both digitally in apps and in print.


Course Manager consists of three parts:

  • a modern and easy-to-use GPS app, where you can track and update the golf course
  • an administration platform for maintenance of sponsor and club information, as well as preparation of the digital course guide
  • an app presenting the golf course and sponsors to golfers, also offering GPS position, distance measurement and pin position (if maintained by the club)

Course Manager gives you new and profitable ways of making your sponsors visible. In addition golf course data is used to help green keepers keep track of area calculations, registration of fertilizer and pesticide usage as well as correct reporting of “green accounting” to environmental authorities.

How did your company start, how did you get the idea?

Jacob Markussen is a keen golfer and during his “Master of IT product design” university studies he initiated and completed several golf related projects. After he attained his Master’s degree the company was founded, and two and a half years later a unique cloud- and app-based service was ready for golf clubs and golfers worldwide. The first 30 golf clubs are already on board.

Why did you apply for the Accelerace program?

Ingenium Golf is a small and innovative IT start-up. We applied for the Accelerace program to get external expert assistance in transforming into a structured, efficient company delivering innovative solutions to the golf segment, while still keeping the start-up mentality, drive and energy. Furthermore, Accelerace will help support our global ambitions by strengthening our value proposition and go-to-market strategies.

Fun fact:

With Course Manager we have measured 201 golf courses with GPS (some partially measured), 2759 bunkers and in total 14.381.084 m2 of golf course land area.


Jacob Markussen, Founder & Inventor.

Hans Henrik Junge, Partner & CEO.


Haslegårdsvej 8-10, 8210 Aarhus V

Year Founded:


Website: Link

Facebook: Link

LinkedIn: Link


Hans Henrik Junge: +45 4016 5144

Jacob Markussen: +45 6110 3372

Visuals of the app: