Tendril acquires leading energy analytics company EEme .,

EEme, a former Accelerace alumnus, has been acquired by Tendril, the leading provider of Home Energy Management solutions to the utility industry.  EEme is a Pittsburgh-based leading energy analytics company spun out of Carnegie Mellon University. They have developed a scalable machine learning platform that converts raw smart meter data into appliance-level and equipment-level insights using proprietary algorithms. EEme’s proven Disaggregation-as-a-Service™ (DaaS) technology provides demand-side management stakeholders with appliance-level insights. Thereby leveraging existing smart meter data without relying on new hardware investments or user intervention. EEme has been a part of the Accelerace accelerator program and we are thrilled to see them reaching their goals of energy efficiency!

Moving appliance detection forward

Combining EEme’s third-party validated technology with Tendril’s TrueHome simulation model creates the largest-scale Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring solution on the market. The solution significantly improves reliability and accuracy and moves the entire field of appliance detection forward. “Appliance-level disaggregation holds great potential in helping people reduce their home energy consumption. But to be effective we must improve the accuracy and reliability of these solutions,” said Chris Black, COO, Tendril, in a press release: “With the acquisition of EEme we are enhancing our device-usage detection capabilities with highly complex technology that has been rigorously tested by third parties and validated by us over the past 18 months with 10 terabytes of AMI data (Advanced Metering Infrastructure data red.). Now when combined with the Tendril Platform, we will finally unlock the value of delivering appliance-level energy insights.”]]>