The first 8 startups have been chosen for the new Copenhagen Fintech Accelerator

The first 8 startups have been chosen for the new Copenhagen Fintech Accelerator .,

Eight startups constitute the first batch of companies to enter the new fintech accelerator, run by Danske Bank, Nykredit, Copenhagen Fintech, and Accelerace. The companies have been chosen from more than 130 applicants from around the world, underlining the Nordic’s leading position within the fintech space. More than 130 fintech companies from 35 countries applied to come to Copenhagen. All were competing to gain a space in the first Danish fintech accelerator, and thereby strengthen their ties with the burgeoning Nordic ecosystem. Only eight were selected. The companies will now start working with the accelerator partners Nykredit, Danske Bank, Copenhagen Fintech and Accelerace – and with world-class mentors. The tailor-made six-month program aims to create new solutions benefiting the banks, customers, and society as a whole.

The eight companies are:

Realisti.Co Realisti.Co is an Italian startup that has developed a virtual reality service exclusively for real-estate agents. Using Realisti.Co, the real-estate agents can create autonomous virtual tours in any type of property. The tours can be uploaded onto web pages where agents can edit and share the tour experiences in a way that optimizes sales and reduces wasted time. Realisti.Co was chosen for the accelerator due to their innovative software and clear value-creation potential in the proptech market. SkenarioLabs SkenarioLabs has developed an AI-enforced web service, that digitalizes real-estate portfolios and gives the owners detailed and reliable prognoses for value, profitability, energy consumption and CO2 emissions. This makes it easier for real-estate owners to understand the value and potential in an investment. Skenario.Labs are based in Finland and have been selected for the acceleration program due to their strong coupling of analytical technology within a user-friendly interface with an industry that is ripe for disruption. Bizbot Bizbot’s platform simplifies, automates and centralizes all administrative processes in a business. The platform eliminates the use for paper and gathers information in one place so that employees can focus on delivering the best service rather than collecting data. Bizbot is headquartered in Norway. Bizbot has been selected for the accelerator due to their innovative ideas on streamlining administrative work by outsourcing to virtual team members (robots). Likvido Likvido is a Danish debt collection startup that has digitalized billing, registration, bookkeeping and debt collection so that all of this runs in sync and is fully automated. Likvido was selected to participate in the acceleration program due to their potential to revolutionize debt collection in the SME segment. Noviscient Noviscient is a technology-driven investment management company. The company gathers smaller hedgefunds (multi-strategy) and stratifies the funds to create high expected returns with lower risk than what traditional hedgefunds can offer. Noviscient is based in Singapore and has been selected for the accelerator due to their new and exciting technology, strong business model and a particularly strong team. Noviscient is based in Singapore but has the ambition to apply the platform and technology in Denmark and the rest of the Nordics. Blockimmo Blockimmo is a Swiss platform for real-estate transactions based on blockchain. The company makes it possible to participate in crowd-based real-estate investments. The technology thereby lowers risks for the investment type significantly. Blockimmo has been selected for the accelerator due to their innovative solution: the world’s first ‘tokenization’ of real-estate. Blockimmo has achieved regulatory approval in Switzerland. Manigo Manigo gathers financial apps in a multicurrency solution, an international money and social payment platform with an accompanying Mastercard. The solution will help users save money and avoid hidden fees by using the correct currency wherever consumers are. All transactions are monitored and analyzed so that users gain a better overview of their consumption. Manigo is based in London and has been selected for the accelerator due to their good fit with the services offered in the Danish banking sector today. Authenteq  Authenteq is an automatic identity verification and privacy platform, that makes it possible for users of the app to verify their identity and set up blockchain-encrypted digital IDs. Authenteq is Icelandic and has offices in Reykjavik, Berlin, London and Palo Alto. Authenteq has been selected for the accelerator due to their experienced team of experts and their exiting potential that meets the need of established financial institutions. The program kick-off will take place from the 5 to 7 February at the Copenhagen Fintech Lab.]]>