Accelerace: What we achieved in 2018

What a year 2018 was! We have so much to be grateful for in Accelerace. Among those things are all our new and old partners, collaborators, alumni, and family members. Thank you for having contributed to another year full of exciting projects and meaningful encounters.

2018 stats

We have accelerated 111 companies among our different verticals including Impact Growth, NOME, and Overkill Ventures. We have engaged in partnerships with:
  • Nordea
  • CPH Fintech
  • Nykredit
  • Danske Bank
  • Bang & Olufsen
  • Harman Lifestyle
  • Soundhub Denmark
  • Arbejdernes Landsbank
  • Arla
  • Coop
  • Ørsted
  • Novo Nordisk – Novo Nordisk BioInnovation Institute
  • Elia

New accelerators, partners, and investments

We have started a unique matchmaking network together with Nordea to accelerate fintech solutions. We have co-founded the Copenhagen Fintech Accelerator and a Soundtech Accelerator. We have built a program for the Novo Nordisk BioInnovation Institute. We have co-founded Overkill Ventures in Latvia and made our first four investments – among these are an investment in the Danish startup Lokalist.

Accelerace is a growing family

Also, we grew NOME from 30 to 50 mentors. NOME also held a successful Annual Meeting and Startup Competition in the Maersk Tower. We have expanded our team with 19 wonderful people ranging from students to part time-, full-time employees.

Accelerace is turning a sharp corner 

We were so excited when we won the 2018 Nordic Startup Awards for Best Accelerator/Incubator in the Nordics! We hope to be able to maintain that position in 2019 by constantly improving and engaging with the ecosystem. Going into 2019, we are looking forward to celebrating our ten-year anniversary – we have some very exciting plans coming up and we would highly recommend you to block June 13, 2019. ]]>