Accelerace joins international VCs in AI-investment

Accelerace joins international VCs in AI-investment

Wudpecker is addressing the challenges of time wastage and information loss that arise from the growing number of communication applications used within organisations.

An increasing amount of time is wasted in organisations searching for information across various platforms as organisations expand their use of communication channels and online meetings become increasingly prevalent. With the recent technological advances in Large Language Models (LLMs), the opportunity is there to increase efficiency. Wudpecker is using these advances to enter the AI arena with a tool developed to help professionals extract answers from a vast amount of data across the aforementioned communication and data applications. From notes to files, emails, and online meetings, Wudpecker allows you to obtain answers using simple prompts for the AI.



“Wudpecker is taking a unique, user-centric approach to knowledge management to create something for which the market demand has increased significantly. And because of the emergence of LLMs, it is now possible to meet those demands,” Peter Marculans, Venture Partner at Accelerace.


Currently, Wudpecker enables you to prompt both condensed high-quality summaries and notes, as well as actionable items from online meetings, all in a moment’s time. It is not just knowledge storage but knowledge presentation, made much more efficient.

However, this is not the limit of Wudpecker’s vision. The ambition is to create a tool that empowers users to quickly extract precise information from all digital mediums, including online meetings, emails, and internal communication platforms.


“Wudpecker has already demonstrated its ability to execute and has made meaningful progress in building the product and gaining initial traction, with quality notes for more than 100.000 meetings. Therefore, we believe that they can enhance the product even further to meet their and our ambitions,” Peter Marculans, Venture Partner at Accelerace.


Accelerace have invested alongside Trind VC and Sofokus Ventures to help Wudpecker perfect and expand their product, propelling them toward the next investment round.


“Accelerace’s track record in propelling pre-seed startups is impressive. I look forward to crafting a growth strategy together with Accelerace that will propel Wudpecker in the same way,” Hai Ta, Co-founder at Wudpecker.