Launching Accelerace Allstars: our most successful alumni return as mentors and investors

Launching Accelerace Allstars: our most successful alumni return as mentors and investors .,

Accelerace is expanding the value for our portfolio companies by welcoming back the most successful alumni founders as Allstars mentors and investors — the founders of Templafy, Actimo, Densou, Coinify, AXDRAFT, and Penneo. By becoming a portfolio company of Accelerace Invest II, founders automatically join the Accelerace Allstars community and get access to the Allstars mentors, a 7-week investment program, an Investor Day, and community activities. 

Support and funding from top founders 

Going forward, one major benefit of becoming a portfolio company of Accelerace is access to on-demand and individual mentoring by our Allstars mentors. These are Accelerace alumni founders that started from scratch and managed to build companies that got publicly listed, acquired by industry-leading players, backed by Y Combinator and raised millions of dollars! 

Meet the Accelerace Allstars mentors: 

Christian Lund and Henrik Printzlau (Alum from 2013): founders of Templafy, a content enablement platform that aligns workforces and enables employees to effortlessly create on-brand, high-performing business content faster. In 2021, Templafy made it onto Financial Times’s annual list of Europe’s fastest-growing companies and crossed $120M in total funding raised!

Eske Gunge (Alum from 2012): co-founder of Actimo, a mobile-first employee engagement platform for internal communication and training. Actimo got acquired by the global learning platform Kahoot! in 2020!

Jacob Knobel (Alum from 2018): founder of Densou, a consultancy that helps advertisers and publishers, including The Guardian, to automate digital advertising. Jacob was listed on Forbes’ 30 under 30 and Berlingske Business Talent 100 in 2016, and exited Densou in 2018!

Mark Højgaard (Alum from 2014): co-founder of Coinify, a financial tech company that builds payments infrastructure for crypto. Coinify got acquired by the US-based bitcoin brokerage Voyager for $85 million in 2021, and Mark is still running the company as CEO!

Yuriy Zaremba (Alum from 2018): co-founder of AXDRAFT, an all-in-one contract management platform that automates legal document drafting and negotiation. AXDRAFT is a Y Combinator-backed company (W19) that got acquired by US-based Onit in 2020, making them the first Ukrainian legal technology startup to make a successful US exit!

André Clement (Alum from 2014): co-founder of Penneo, which automates workflows related to client onboarding (KYC), signing, and document management. Got listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen Main Market in 2022!

When we first met them, years ago, they faced all the common struggles that early-stage founders do. Now, they are back at Accelerace to pay it forward and support the next generation of talented founders! They are on standby to provide hands-on support, help start conversations with customers, investors, advisors, etc., and potentially invest in our portfolio companies.   


Prepare to raise seed funding

The brand-new investment program focuses on one thing, and one thing only: getting our portfolio companies ready to raise a seed round.

During seven weeks, we take a 360-degree view of your startup’s fundraising strategy and help you improve your pitch deck, pitching and storytelling skills, as well as host investor mock meetings. At Investor Day, we invite leading institutional investors and put you (well-prepared) on stage in front of them.

The first investment program will run between October 24 and December 7, 2022. Only portfolio companies of Accelerace Invest II can participate and are automatically enrolled.